11 Steps To Writing Your First Children’s Book

Here Are The 11 Steps To Writing Your First Children’s Book

There are 11 steps to writing your first children’s book and if you follow them through to the end, you will have your first children’s book written and ready for publication in no time at all.

  1. Get The Right Mindset – This is extremely important.  You need a passion to write children’s fiction.  These stories are unlike any stories you’ve ever written.  You have to understand children and what they want before you can hope to be a children’s author.
  2. Choose The Right Age Group – Who are you writing for?  What age group are you going to concentrate your story on?  This is a critical question you must answer before you write your first word.  There are different writing styles for different age groups and if you don’t format and setup your stories correctly you won’t have anyone reading your book.
  3. Develop Your Idea – Once you know who you are going to write for, it’s time to take that story and develop it into a cohesive storyline that will have an effect on the age group you’ve chosen.
  4. Write Your First Draft – This is where you are going to take your first plunge into the story and write until you have written the story you want to tell.  They key here, is to write but don’t edit.  Just write your story.  Later you will have time to make your edits, change punctuation and grammatical errors as well and fill in the holes of your story.  Writing this way allows you to stay focused on the story and how it will play out.
  5. Start Revising – After you have written your first draft, take a few days off to allow the draft to settle in your mind then you can read it over a few times and start the revision.
  6. Get Feedback – Once you are done with this revision, you should be bringing it to some people that you trust to get some feedback on the story, the characters and the illustrations (if they are already finished).  Let them give you some honest feedback that you can use to strengthen your story.
  7. Revise Again – This is where you take the previous feedback and incorporate it into the story to make it better.
  8. Choose Your Path To Publication – It used to be that when an author finished his/her manuscript, they waited patiently h for a publishing house t o them to a contract but it has all changed now.  An author has many more platforms in which to sell their stories.  You can self-publish to the kindle, nook, iBooks, or even use amazon to sell physical books.  There is a wide-open playing field for authors now and it has made it easier to publish all your works.
  9. Research the Market – You’ve written your book, edited and had it revised to make it perfect so you’re done right?  Not all all.  you’re just getting started.  You should be researching your market by finding the right keywords for your book which people will be searching for, the right categories to place your book in and last but not least, researching the market to find places to get your book noticed.  You can use press releases, article marketing, advertising on book sites as well as getting the books in to the hands of the young readers themselves to build word of mouth.
  10. Submit Your Manuscript – This is the tricky part because if you really believe in your story, it needs to be seen by agents and publishers.  Submit your manuscript but don’t stop advertising you and your story.  Don’t just send your story out to as many publishing houses as possible, look for publishers that are hungry for new releases and want to push first-time authors like yourself.
  11. Give Yourself an Unfair Advantage – Many young authors give up if they can’t sell their manuscript but when you have options use them.  Self-publish at first, build up a fan base and then show the publishing firms you have a built-in audience and then you will be in a position of power to demand certain options from the publishing company.

It’s a whole new world out there for publishing your children’s books so take advantage of them and you will become a success.


A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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