3 Things All Children’s Writers Must Know

Things A Children’s Writer Should Know

There are 3 things all children’s writers should know and I am here to explain to you what they are.  It used to be that all writers had to worry about four things to get published. They are:

  1. Write a great manuscript
  2. Research publishers
  3. Assemble and submission guidelines
  4. Send it off and wait.

But things have now changed with the advent of self publishing.  We have entered into a new era of publishing our children’s books.  It is one that offers writers a new outlet to release their work.  Self publishing has blown the lid off of publishing your books and now places like Amazon.com. Apple and Barnes & Noble can help you distribute your book even if you do not have a publisher.  You can now write your manuscript, distribute sell and promote it yourself.

Today’s publishing world can offer writers new avenues to sell their books.  There are now ebooks and apps that can push your content to places you never even thought of.  These can help you leave your legacy and get your work seen by more people.

Here Are The 3 Things All Writers Should Know:

  • In the new media environment, craft is king.  The ability to write well and tell a compelling story  will always be the most important part of being a writer.  Now, you need to write great stories that move people.  Gone are the day when a story could be messaged and pushed into the top of the charts without merit.
  • I hit book doesn’t come out of thin air.  It must come from the hard work of the writer promoting his book non-stop.  Places such as Facebook and Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are the new public relation avenues for your book.  getting to know book bloggers in your genre and cultivating relationships helps sell books.
  • Finally, one hit writers lack the real knowledge of writing a great book.  It’s all about the quality of writing.  A rising tide of popularity builds book momentum and with that you build fans.  One book will never build up enough of an audience to make you successful.  it’s all in the follow-ups and building a body of work.  The more good books you release the easier it is to gain a crowd of passionate readers.

Writers need to write and take advantage of what the new era in publishing is offering and use it to their advantage to build a fan base of loyal readers who love what you write.



A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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6 thoughts on “3 Things All Children’s Writers Must Know

  1. The publishing world can be very scary. Should you try to get a traditional
    publishing house to look at your writing or should you go out on your
    own??? Most authors try both of these scenarios. I know as a children’s
    writer, it is very hard to break into the publishing world so my son,
    Raymond who is our illustrator, and I have walked both paths. In October we
    are doing a Kickstater to presale our book, Upir and the Monster Gang.
    Later on I will be posting the steps that we did to get our Kickstarter up
    and running. It is just another thing on our list to get Upir and the
    Monster Gang out to the public!!! 

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