7 Tips To Write A Children’s Story That Sells


Tips For Writing Children’s Stories

Today, Jurgen Wolff, a published author who had been writing for over 25 years is going to share his 7 tips to write a children’s story that sells.  His two books, “Your Writing Coach” and “Your Creative Writing Masterclass” are classics that can teach you the fine art of writing.

These tips to writing stories that sell will help you become a children’s book author in no time at all.

Here Are 7 Basic Types To Get You Writing Children’s Stories That Sell

  1. Which Age Group Are You Targeting? – You must be aware of the the different age groups that are part of writing for children. You have picture books which are primarily read by parents to the 0-2 year old and 3-5 year old age group. Then there are the new readers at 6-8 year olds then you go into the tweener age group of 9-12 and then young adult and teen books. Styles for these age groups are very different. Younger children want more pictures and less words while older kids look for more action and dialogue.
  2.  Understand Your Target Audience – Know what your target audience is reading, how they speak to one another as well as what they talk about. The better you understand who you are writing for, the better you can write stories they will enjoy and want.
  3. Write In A Contemporary Style Geared For Kids Of Today – The classics are great and will always be here but kids are much more sophisticated nowadays and look for a certain type of story that appeals to their age group. Right now, gross out books, adventure books and stories about zombies and vampires are all the rage so make sure your topic has appeal.
  4. Don’t Talk Down To Children – They can detect it and will be put book down right away. Kids are smart so treat them with respect and they will respect your writing. Believability factor also plays very big here. This means write stories that children can believe in even if it is fantasy. If you don’t they will see right through you.
  5. Write Fast-Paced Plots That Are Big On Action And Dialogue – Kids are used to watching a lot of television and movies and so this idea of action and dialogue has been ingrained in them since they were old enough to watch.
  6. Make Your Stories Come Alive – This means, your stories must appeal to their imaginations and be real to them. Write characters that are memorable, use settings that bring the story to life and write happy endings. Sad endings are a letdown to kids and make them feel like they wasted their time with you and your story.
  7. Look Back On Your Childhood For Inspiration – Remember what it was like when you were a kid and what was important to you. Your influences can have a huge impact on your writing and this you can impart on your target audience. Those characters and story plots from when you were a child can be updated and infused with new ideas to bring out an even greater story that with strike a chord in your young audience.

When you have learned these writing tips that sell you will have all you need to start writing children’s books that rock!



A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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