Be True To Your Writing

Be True To Thy Own Self First

kids_reading_hanging_outAs an author, we are in the business of writing stories to capture the minds and hearts of our readers.  We are not here to play games nor say things we don’t mean that is why we must remain true to ourselves.  Being true to thyself will give us our voice.  A voice that will be heard loud and clear in every word we write.

The worst type of writer is one who takes the voice of another author as his own and speaks through him instead of relying on what’s inside of their heart.  Look, we all feel a bit unworthy or unsure of our talents at times and we don’t like to think someone who has made a name for themselves is better than us but it happens.

I was sent an email earlier today and I will focus on the true meaning what a writer should focus on.


If you plant honesty, you will reap trust 

*  If you plant goodness, you will reap friends 

*  If you plant humility, you will reap greatness  

*  If you plant perseverance, you will reap contentment  

*  If you plant consideration, you will reap perspective  

*  If you plant hard work, you will reap success 

*  If you plant forgiveness, you will reap reconciliation 

 What we write should enable each of these points to come across freely to our readers, for being true to our own voice has its own merits.

Be Tue To Your Writing

We live and die by the words we use and the characters we write about and the adventures they go on must be real to the reader.  We cannot write something HOPING someone will like it or understand it but write genuinely from our hearts so that the readers sees in our words.  Just stringing a few flashy words together does not a writer make but through the birth and life of an idea that is put forth and matured until the story reeks of originality and the utmost care.

I don’t write my adventure stories carelessly.  I put a lot of thought and patience intro crafting a story that will transport my reader into another time and place.  A story that will enchant the reader into forgetting about his or her problems for a while and a story that will inspire the reader to look inside themselves for something deeper than they have ever experience.

My stories may seem quaint and uncomplicated but the meaning inside goes deeper than any child has ever felt before reading these stories.  My aim is to hit something inside that the reader can grab onto and go for a ride.  Maybe, it is a situation in their life they don’t want to think about but need reassuring.  Maybe, they just need to be entertained for a bit to forget about their troubles for awhile.  Or maybe, they are looking for something deeper than what they are experiencing in their young lives and fantasy is a way of sparking their own imagination.  Whatever it is, the words I write are true to my own voice.  It is never borrowed, regurgitated or thrown onto paper like dirt on the floor.  I take pride in what I write and I am not jealous of other authors.  Instead, I pray they offer their best work so that I, myself may be awed and inspired by their brilliance.

So, the next time you read a story, don’t just read it with your eyes, read it and experience it with all your sensations.  that’s what a good story can do to you.  The more it remains true to the author’s vision the more the reader ca appreciate the written word.


A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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