Best-Selling Children’s Book Author Reveals The Top 5 Secrets To Writing Children’s Fiction Stories That Sell

Neptune, NJ, 5/23/2014 — If you knew the secrets to writing fiction stories that got kids reading, would you become a children’s book writer? That’s what best-selling children’s book author, A. J. Westin, wants to find out.   He has decided to reveal the top 5 secrets that all authors must know if they want to sell their children’s stories.

When asked why he was revealing his secrets, A. J. Westin stated, “Most young writers make the same mistakes over and over again and wonder why they aren’t making any sales. I knew it was time the truth finally came out.”

Here is a list of his the top 5 secrets to writing children’s fiction stories

1. Don’t write stories that talk down to children. Kids know when you are talking their language.
2. Learn to think like a child not an adult.
3. Write stories that focus on the child overcoming an obstacle without help from the parent.
4. Find out what kids want to read. You’d be surprised how many writers don’t do this step.
5. Watch how children interact with each other. The more you understand children’s behavior the easier it is to write amazing characters.

With children’s books grabbing a bigger share of the kindle sales every month, those writers who implement these secrets will help themselves tremendously in writing stories that appeal to young children.

About The Author

A. J. Westin is best known as “The Adventure Book Guy” and has written over two dozen children’s books. He has dedicated his life to advocating literacy among children and is committed to helping authors of any age learn how to write inspiring children’s stories. A. J. Westin’s books are available for purchase on both and at his website at
Contact Information:
A. J. Westin
8 Colleen Way
Neptune, NJ 07753

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