Dragon Quest – A Lonely Dragon’s Search For True Friendship

Dragon Quest – A Lonely Dragon’s Search For True Friendship

Genre: Children's Adventure
Publisher: OuttaSite Publishing
Publication Year: 2013
In the mystical and magical land of ancient China, there once lived a kind and caring dragon by the name of Shen Lung, who lived atop Mount Tai, home of the Three Dragon Kings. They were very jealous of him and looked for a way to rid themselves of him forever. When a devastating drought hits the valley and kills all the crops, The Three Dragon Kings send him on the ultimate quest to appease the gods and bring rain back to the valley. If he fails in his quest, he will be banished forever from Mount Tai but because of his love for the farmers, Shen Lung devises a brilliant plan to make the valley fertile again. Find out if Shen Lung succeeds in his quest or if the Three Dragon Kings get their wish in this modern interpretation of the ancient Chinese fable.
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A Lonely Dragon Searches For True Friendship

Sheng Lung is a dragon who yearns to find a friend atop Mount Tai in ancient China.  The problem is, The Three Dragon Kings are jealous of him because he is a caring, hardworking and good dragon.

When a devastating drought hits the valley below and the farmers crops die, the Three Dragon Kings conceive an evil plan to get rid of Shen Lung forever.  They decide to send him on a quest to appease the gods and win back favor for the valley so that it rains again and they can save the farmers crops.  But there is a catch:  Shen Lung must find one true friend during his three days of travel or he will be banished from Mount Tai and the farmers that he loves.

Can Shen Lung Fulfill His Quest?

Little do the Three Dragon Kings realize that someone is following Shen Lung and there is a surprise waiting for him.

Dragon Quest is based on the ancient Chinese myths of the Dragon Kings and is a fun and adventurous story that tells the tale of true friendship with a twist.

Can Shen Lung fulfill his quest or will he be banned?  Find out in this heartwarming story of good versus evil and love versus hate.  The surprise ending will make your heart scream out in happiness saying “That’s the way to do it, Shen Lung!”

This newest creation from bestselling author A. J. Westin is filled with more than just a good story.  Instead, A. J. has given us a moral that everyone including small children can learn from and will be entertained learning about Chinese dragons.

Readers will also love the illustrations drawn from the very talented Kara Jaynes and the story will delight children who are looking for more than just your basic fairy tale book.


A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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