Powerful Techniques That Inspire Your Children’s Fiction Writing

Want to inspire your children’s fiction writing?  Writing children’s fiction stories can be a lesson in futility if you don’t know how to blueprint your stories.  When you understand how to put your stories together, you will get kids reading your stories and you will finally start making a living from your books.

Children’s Fiction Writing Tips


Coming Up With Killer Ideas For Writing A Children’s Book

Shh! Don’t tell anyone about this but I’ve got some killer ideas you can use for writing a children’s book that maybe you haven’t thought of before.  Most first-time writers get it all wrong when coming up with book ideas.  They look at what’s selling and they think they can just copy it or write something in a hot genre that all the kids are reading.

It’s not about writing what’s hot, though you do need to write what kids will read.  It’s about taking what is meaningful to you and writing about it.  Engaging stories are what you want to write and you can find them in everyday life.

You may ask, “I don’t know where to look?”  That’s fine but your job as a writer is to go after a story.  Being a journalist is very much the same as writing a story.  You still have to go after the heart of the story and tell it in such a way as to grab the reader’s attention. Continue reading

How To Write A Bestselling Children’s Book

Writing A Bestselling Children’s Book

Warning:  Becoming a best-selling author isn’t just snapping your fingers and voila, you’re the next J. K. Rowling.  Turning your children’s story into a best-selling book may sound like a daunting task but it can be done.  It consists of more than the words you write or a great idea.  Writing a bestselling children’s book brings together many elements such as the idea, the dialogue, the cover art, and most importantly, the marketing angle.

If you forget the marketing part, no matter how great your book is, no one will ever read it and that’s a real shame!  Most authors forget about this by saying, “I’m a writer, not a marketer” and then wonder why no one buys their book.  I’ve been guilty of this… especially when I first started writing children’s books.  The marketing game was all new to me and I was scared, I admit it, and I wasn’t sure how to get the word out.  I knew I had written a great book and I wanted the world to read it but if that was going to happen then I was going to have to promote it.

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How To Use Your Inner Child To Write Great Children’s Stories

Using Your Inner Child For Writing Children’s Stories

Who doesn’t want to write great children’s stories?  The problem is, coming up with that great idea and then putting it all together so you write that children’s story you envisioned yourself writing.  It can seem like a distant dream to make this all happen but let me assure you, if you follow what I teach, you will write that great story for kids.

Writing for children is unlike anything you will ever attempt.  You only get to write for those children for a couple of years and then they’re to old to read your books.  When they become young adults, your stories will seem quaint to them and they will have outgrown your stye so that is why you have to knock them off their feet with incredible stories that really inspire them.

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How To Write Children’s Fiction Books Fast!

Writing Children’s Books Fast

Do you want to know how to write children’s fiction books fast?  Writing stories for children is something I know many writers agonize over and take so much time and effort in making every word count.  They look at the stories as their babies and they don’t want to edit any word out for the fear that the story may be incomplete.  The problem is, you’re not looking at the whole picture.

You see, if you want your story to live it has got to be released.  It can’t be in the incubation period for months or years and have it expected to make money or have people reading it.  Today, I’m going to show you some secret techniques for writing children’s fiction books fast … and still be of great quality.

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How To Create Realistic Fiction Characters For Children’s Books

Creating Realistic Fiction Characters

One of the fundamental keys to writing great fiction stories is knowing how to create realistic fiction characters for your children’s books.  Having characters that children can identify with and want to emulate is the key to getting children to read your stories.  If you want to create compelling characters you have to draw them from your memory, your consciousness as well as your imagination but there’s one place many of us forget to look and that is the people we know.

What Are The Traits Of Good Fictional Characters?

The best characters are the ones that remind us of ourselves.  The type of struggles, pain, successes and failures we all go through all rolled into one.  If you can get your audience to relate and care about your characters then you’ve made that emotional connection so important to getting people to read your stories.

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How To Create Great Content For Children’s Books

How To Create Content For Children’s Books

Want to know how to create content for children’s books that kids just can’t get enough of? Writing for children can be tough if you don’t know the secret tips and tricks to writing content that keeps kids eyeballs squarely on your stories.

We all know how fickle children can be and as such, you have to realize how much they follow trends. They don’t like to be left out and spend a good deal of their time looking for the hottest books, games, photos and videos online. This is a great opportunity to bring in fresh viewers to your stories if you establish yourself correctly.

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My Best Friend Is A Monster, Really!!! Has Been Released

introductionThe fourth book in the “My Best Friend Is” children’s adventure book series has finally been released and I’m happy to report, it is another great book for serious readers in the 8-12 year old range.  It’s called “My Best Friend Is A Monster, Really” and it tells the tale of a young boy by the name of Andrew whose best friend is a monster yet no one believes the monster is real.

I got the idea for the story after watching my youngest daughter playing in her room one night.  She was playing with her dolls and she kept telling the one doll about her best friend but she said the doll didn’t believe her.  The doll wanted proof that her best friend was real. I got a big laugh about it until I realized what she was trying to do.  We live in a show me kind of world and kids pick up on this.

I continued to watch from a distance as she went on and on with the doll and I was amazed how she carried on the conversation.  I used that scene in the book but altered it so my daughter wouldn’t know it was her i was referring to but it was fun to write about

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An Author’s New Year’s Eve Message

IMG_0095Another year has passed and it’s time for all of us to be thankful for what we have.  As an author with three children, I believe they are the most important thing in my life.  I work hard to give them a good life and what i write about is meant to inspire them as well as every other child that picks up a book.

I’ve written over two dozen books yet I haven’t even reached my potential and I want to keep releasing books that help kids read.  This is something I am dedicating the new year to.  I want to help kids improve their reading comprehension and reading skills.  These are skills they can take with them throughout their school years and into their working lives.

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