Can Monsters Really Be Your Best Friend?

Thoughts On Monsters As A Best Friend?

monster - smallThat’s a question I’ve asked myself for a very long time.  When I was a kid, I was never really afraid of monsters but I didn’t go looking for them either.  Instead, I was fascinated by the idea of monsters being scary. I watched a lot of television and in the movies I saw they were full of monsters that haunted adults yet the television shows for kids had monsters that were nice, good-hearted and friendly.  Was there something I was missing?  Did monsters have an aversion to human adults.

That started me thinking about monsters in general and how the idea of monsters affects different people at different times.  So I asked myself a bunch of silly questions and thought about the silly answers for awhile.

You know, it hurt my head so I had to go and lay down for awhile.  As I was laying on my bed, I thought I saw the hand of a monster from beneath the bed but we’ll leave that for another book!

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Interview With Andrew McCullough – Star Of Tales From a 6th Grade Reporter

1Today, I’ve got a tasty little treat for all of you.  Andrew McCullough, star of “Tales from A 6th Grade Reporter – Legend Of The Spitball King” has graciously allowed himself to be interviewed for my readers (okay, I had to drag him here kicking and screaming!).

He is here to promote his appearance in my new book, “Tales from A 6th Grade Reporter – Legend Of The Spitball King”

Anyway, I certainly glad he is here.  He is going to talk about  his adventures and how he became an inspiration to 6th graders everywhere.

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