3 Steps To Writing Children’s Stories That Inspires Kids To Read – Part 1

Want to start writing children’s stories that inspire kids to read?  Kids need stories that motivate them to want to read.  In fact, the more you can stimulate their imagination the better chance you have to get those kids reading your stories.  I don”t care how long you’ve been writing, if you don’t know the steps to writing a children’s book then you will never release that book you can  ultimately be proud of.  Learning these steps will put you far ahead of the average children’s book author and help you awaken your total creativity.

Here are the three steps explained and how you can take advantage of them.

  1. Be A Voracious Reader
  2. Research Your Genre
  3. Understand How To Outline Your Plot

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Writing Children’s Books With A Purpose


What’s Your Purpose For Writing Children’s Books?

We all have a purpose in life and writing children’s books with stories that inspire children is what I enjoy doing more than anything else.  What is your purpose?  Do you even have a purpose?

Let me ask it another way.  Are you writing because you want to write or are you looking for the big  payday?  Is writing for children something that makes you happy or is it the latest Kindle craze that everyone is talking about and is going to net you $1000’s a month in royalties.  This is important because if you are doing this for all the wrong reasons then your writing will suffer and the children who read your books will see it in your writing and will not read anything else you write. Continue reading

Important Things To Know Before Writing A Children’s Book

Things To Know Before Writing A Children’s Book

Before beginning your journey into the grand world of writing children’s books, you will need to understand the fundamental aspects of writing for children.  It’s not as easy as it seems and it entails it’s own sets of questions that at one time or another every writer should ask.

Here Are 5 Questions You Should Ask

  1. Am I writing these stories because I have a story to tell my readers?
  2. Do I believe that writing for children is easier than writing for adults?
  3. Am I writing because I think I can make a lot of money at it?
  4. Do I know what age group I am writing for?
  5. Do I understand what it takes to write a children’s book?

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How To Create The Perfect Children’s Fiction Title

Creating The Perfect Children’s Fiction Title

Do you have trouble creating children’s fiction titles for your children’s stories?  It can be a real pain to create an eye-catching title that stands out among the competition and actually describes what your book is all about.  Many authors try to get fancy or cute with their titles but end up with a title that screams hype or just sounds plain weird.

Your book title is one of the most important pieces of a successful book, especially if it is in the children’s fiction genre.  Titles are what draws young readers in and a great title can get you a reader for life.

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The How To Process Of Writing A Children’s Story


 The Writing Process

What is the process of writing a children’s book?  Before beginning any story there are things you need to do put together a winning children’s story.  First, we start with the big idea.  The big idea starts with us asking questions about our story.

Here are  the 5 main questions.

  1. Who is the story about?
  2. What happens in the story?
  3. Where does the story take place?
  4. When did the story take place?
  5. How did the main deal with the conflict in the story?

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How To Promote Your Children’s Book

Easy Ways  To Promote Your Children’s Book

So, how do you promote your children’s book?  This is a question most first time authors ask after they’ve finished their book.  The problem is, the spent so much time writing they forgot to work on the promotion end.  You’ve taken all this time to write and you’re so proud of your book but if no one sees them, knows about them or buys them then you’ve wasted a lot of time.

There are many ways to promote a children’s book that you should take the time to plan out your promotions to make the most of your opportunity to get the word out.  Here are some nifty ways that can spread the word and help you promote both your book and you, the author.

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Six Writing Rules I Live By

Great Rules Writers Should Live By

All the great authors have rules they live by.  It just makes writing that much easier and helps to discipline yourself.  If you write everyday, you know that it can get hard sometimes to focus in on what you want to write.  Staring at a blank screen or paper (for all you authors still using a typewriter) can get you crazy but here’s my first rule.

# Rule 1 – Take A Step Back Once In A While To See What You Are Writing

If you are writing a book, no matter what it is, you need to allow your words to breath so step back and clear your head.  Come back to what you were writing and see it from a fresh perspective.  getting it done ASAP is a recipe for disaster in your writing and not what you want to do.  When you do come back to it, whether a day or week later, you can pick up your train of thought and carry it to a direction first intended.

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Be True To Your Writing

Be True To Thy Own Self First

kids_reading_hanging_outAs an author, we are in the business of writing stories to capture the minds and hearts of our readers.  We are not here to play games nor say things we don’t mean that is why we must remain true to ourselves.  Being true to thyself will give us our voice.  A voice that will be heard loud and clear in every word we write.

The worst type of writer is one who takes the voice of another author as his own and speaks through him instead of relying on what’s inside of their heart.  Look, we all feel a bit unworthy or unsure of our talents at times and we don’t like to think someone who has made a name for themselves is better than us but it happens.

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Why Do I Write Children’s Books?

Why Be A Children’s Adventure Book Author?

books_clip_art_18352It’s been said, “Go where the money is” but is money the sole purpose that inspires an author to write?  Hopefully not if you write for children.  I have a burning desire to write and entertain children and that will never change.  i have written all my life whether it has been songs, poetry, stories, information products… you name it I have pretty much tried it but nothing has given me the satisfaction I get than having a child come up to me and tell me my book changed his life or he really liked my story and wants to try and write his own stories or even just a thanks for a great book.

I love to see kids reading.  There’s nothing better than getting yourself lost in a great book and transporting yourself and your thoughts to a magical place that the writer has written just for you to embrace.  I try to write stories that takes children out of their reality and transport them to a place where they enjoy being the hero of the story.  Even if it’s just for a few minutes, it can be a life-changer!

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