Children’s Book Author Inspires A New Generation Of Young Readers With His Adventure Books

Author A. J. Westin, “The Adventure Book Guy” offers a new method to get young children reading again.

newbook1Neptune, N.J., 4/17/2014 — With reading scores down in many parts of the United States, children’s book author A. J. Westin is inspiring the imaginations of young readers by writing stories that take everyday problems children face and turning them into grand adventures where they become the heroes.

With seven volumes of his “My Best Friend Is” series already released, author A. J. Westin uses characters such as monsters, pirates, space aliens and zombies to help teach kids about friendship, bravery, believing in one’s own ability and trust to tackle everyday problems most children face. Such delicate subjects as divorce, loneliness, feeling different or unpopular are dealt with in a way that encourages children to become the hero of the story and ultimately use traits they didn’t know they possessed to overcome their fears.

When asked why he tackles such heavy subjects, A. J. responded by saying, “I had a very unhappy childhood and can remember what is was like to deal with the pain of divorce, not having friends and being unpopular. I wanted to give young readers hope that they too can overcome whatever it is they are facing in a fun and unique way.”

The positive message he brings is one reason why his books have become so popular among the 9-12 year old age group because he speaks to children on their own terms. “I have a 10 year old daughter at home and I see how she interacts with her peers. I watch and listen to children very carefully and I understand how they feel that is why they can relate to the characters I write.”

The author’s books are usually no more than 50-60 pages long so they are easy to digest which helps young children who don’t have the patience to read. Parents and teachers alike know how difficult it is to get kids to read but now they have a new resource they can turn to inspire those reluctant readers.

A. J. Westin’s books are available for purchase on both and his website

About The Author:
A. J. Westin is known as “The Adventure Book Guy” and has written over two dozen children’s books. He has dedicated his life to advocating literacy among children and is committed to helping authors of any age learn how to write inspiring children’s stories.

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