Children’s Book Author Takes Readers on A Thrilling Adventure In His Latest Release

Author A. J. Westin, “The Adventure Book Guy” sets sail on a new pirate adventure book that makes kids the hero of the story.

pirate_story06Neptune, N.J., April18, 2014 – What happens when a 10 year old boy who loves pirate lore goes looking for buried treasure and stumbles upon a rough and tumble 300 year old pirate by the name of The Crimson Pirate? That’s the setting for a new adventure book from children’s book author A. J. Westin called “My Best Friend Is A Pirate, Really!!!

Timmy Wilson is a 10 year old boy who is constantly being picked on by the kids in his neighborhood so his family sets sail for Jamaica for a once in a lifetime vacation. By chance, Timmy gets involved in a mutiny on the dreaded Crimson Pirate’s ship.

The lonely boy (a theme in many of A. J. Westin’s books) must dig down deep inside himself and learn to be courageous when he makes a pact to help The Crimson Pirate get his ship back after he finds out his mutinous crew have taken his parents hostage.

Timmy must battle treacherous pirates with swords, stare down death on the pirate ship and fight to free his parents but as in all of A. J. Westin’s children’s books, the heroes must put their trust in someone they hardly know and search for a way to come out ahead.

The author says that putting his young characters in situations that require them to go outside their comfort zone shows children they are capable of doing anything they want if they just take the chance. This idea has resonated well with his young readers and they enjoy the experience of the fantasy when they can become the main character.

The story is the seventh volume in the “My Best Friend Is” series of books where the author takes characters that are not ordinarily thought of as friendly such as pirates, monsters and space aliens and allows them to bond with the young heroes in the story. “Every kid loves to go on adventures and what better way than to have a monster or a pirate as your best friend,” says Westin.

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A. J. Westin is known as “The Adventure Book Guy” and has written over two dozen children’s books. He has dedicated his life to advocating literacy among children and is committed to helping authors of any age learn how to write inspiring children’s stories.

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