Common Core Is Suffocating Our Children’s Creativity Says Children’s Adventure Book Author, A. J. Westin

Neptune, N.J., April 21, 2014 – Common Core, the new education initiative that is mandated to establish consistent education standards across the states is facing a backlash from teachers, parents and authors alike. One author in particular has come out swinging in his assessment of the new learning techniques. “Our children spend too much time learning how to take tests and very little time being creative. It is not conducive to real learning,” notes A. J. Westin, a best-selling children’s adventure author.

The curriculum, which is supposed to bring about critical thinking and enhance learning in school, has been adopted by forty-four states but many states are having second thoughts as to the wisdom of these standards. This is especially true when it comes to reading and writing. By the time they reach the in fourth grade, students must cut their classic and fiction reading to 50% of what they read. “These standards are taking away the children’s ability to exercise their vivid imaginations and that’s a real shame,” the author states. He goes on to say “They need that creative side to express themselves. They are not robots.”

Westin, who writes children’s adventure books for the 8-12 year old age group to help children foster their imaginations, sees a rough road ahead for our next generation of authors. “The standards we had when we were growing put an emphasis on creative writing and this came from reading a broad range of literature. The Common Core Standards use informational text such as scientific, political and opinion pieces which used to be part of other classroom learning and that is cheating our children out of specialized learning.”

Those in favor of implementing the Common Core curriculum have yet to figure out how to address the valid concerns and criticisms due with the lack of Arts and Humanities in the curriculum. “Common Core pushes the lowest common standards on our students instead of inspiring them to new heights. Taking away creative writing will have disastrous results on our educational system in the years to come,” explains Westin.

Whether you like it or not, Common Core is here to say but there is a fast-growing community of vocal parents, teachers and educators who are organizing rallies against the devastating effects of Common Core on our children.

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A. J. Westin is known as “The Adventure Book Guy” and has written over two dozen children’s books. He has dedicated his life to advocating literacy among children and is committed to helping authors of any age learn how to write inspiring children’s stories.
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