Dragon Quest – A Lonely Dragon’s Search For True Friendship Sample



Once upon a time in the mystical and magical land of ancient China, there lived a very lonely dragon by the name of Shen Lung.

Shen Lung yearned to have friends he could share his happy adventures with but the older and more powerful dragons did not like him and ignored him wherever he went.

In fact, the other dragons were very jealous of him as he was strong and brave and pure of heart and cared deeply for the farmers who lived in the valley at the bottom of Mount Tai.

There wasn’t anything Shen Lung wouldn’t do for them but the other dragons took all the credit for Shen Lung’s hard work.  He never complained because he knew it was for the good of the farmers and that was more important to him.

Most of the dragons enjoyed doing the Emperor’s work and were well loved by the farmers but some, namely the Three Dragon Kings, grew weary of helping the farmers and decided to have a little fun at Shen Lung’s expense.

The Three Dragon Kings secretly called for a meeting and made a pact to banish Shen Lung from Mount Tai forever.  It was their intention to trick Shen Lung without the Emperor finding out about their wicked plan.

They searched for way to ruin the good name of Shen Lung but he always came out ahead and this angered the Three Dragon Kings to no end.

During the growing season, the farmers were well taken care of by the dragons and had enough food to eat but when droughts appeared their crops all but withered and died and the people suffered mightily.

When a particular bad drought came and caused all the crops to fail, the people prayed for rain but none came. Day after day the intense heat burned the ground so no crops could grow.  The farmers became increasingly hostile to the dragons and stopped burning incense and bringing out sweets as tribute.

The farmers blamed the Three Dragon Kings for the drought and asked the dragons to all leave if no rain appeared within the next three days.

Sensing this was the perfect time to hurt Shen Lung’s reputation, the Three Dragon Kings decided to send Shen Lung as mediator to appease the farmers.

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