How To Create Great Content For Children’s Books

How To Create Content For Children’s Books

Want to know how to create content for children’s books that kids just can’t get enough of? Writing for children can be tough if you don’t know the secret tips and tricks to writing content that keeps kids eyeballs squarely on your stories.

We all know how fickle children can be and as such, you have to realize how much they follow trends. They don’t like to be left out and spend a good deal of their time looking for the hottest books, games, photos and videos online. This is a great opportunity to bring in fresh viewers to your stories if you establish yourself correctly.

Over the past few years, children’s books have exploded on the kindle marketplace. They are up over 450% yet many children’s writers are not taking advantage of this. They either take too long to release their books or don’t not take enough time to do adequate research to find out exactly what is trending in children’s books today before they write the book.

A few years ago, Harry Potter was all the rage and magic books became best sellers. With the release of the Twilight series, vampires were all the rage. Then Diary Of A Wimpy Kid hit the stores and kids went crazy for it. This has given writers new chances to get a leg up on the competition to write stories kids are looking for.

What Kind Of Content Will Keep Kids Reading Your Books?

  • Make a copy of the top 100 children’s fiction books and divide them by age groups. There are 5 different age groups you can target but the best age group is the 8-12 year olds.
  • Look for books with the same subject matter that are selling well. Make a list of the types of subjects that are selling well and then look for similarities in how the books are set up and how the descriptions are written.
  • What we are looking for are trends among children’s books that we can take advantage of. You can then brainstorm ideas and come up with something similar but with your own take on the subject to start a new series of books.
  • Series hook young readers and keep them glued for the length of your series. If you write five or six books in that series, you have a built-in audience for each successive book release.



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