How To Create The Perfect Children’s Fiction Title

Creating The Perfect Children’s Fiction Title

Do you have trouble creating children’s fiction titles for your children’s stories?  It can be a real pain to create an eye-catching title that stands out among the competition and actually describes what your book is all about.  Many authors try to get fancy or cute with their titles but end up with a title that screams hype or just sounds plain weird.

Your book title is one of the most important pieces of a successful book, especially if it is in the children’s fiction genre.  Titles are what draws young readers in and a great title can get you a reader for life.

Here’s what you should be doing to create imaginative titles that hook your readers.

  1. Is it a logical title that works on all levels? – Depending on the age group you are targeting, you want the title to hit an emotional button in your reader’s brain that ignites a young reader’s passion to read.  What is your book about and how does it fire their imagination?
  2. Choose a title that is keyword rich – What you want are keywords that readers are likely to be typing in.  Include as many keywords and LSI keywords (these are long-tail keywords that are related to your main keyword).  Use these keywords but don’t stuff your title with them.  make it seem part of the title like it was meant to be there.  What keywords will do this?  Find those keywords that explain your book and watch your book skyrocket.
  3. Be brief but to the point – A long-winded title only confuses and bores your potential readers.  When you hook the reader with a short but to the point title, it helps your reader understand what the book is about.  Take great care in finding a title that best describes your story in a way that excites their interest.
  4. Don’t mislead your reader – You definitely don’t want to lie or mislead the reader so say what you mean.  You don’t want to lose the trust of your potential reader so come up with a title that is alluring but states what the book is about.
  5. Create an age-appropriate title – An age appropriate title is important for young children so they understand what type of book it is.  You wouldn’t write a book geared for teenagers and title it like it was for a first time reader.  You don’t need to be as fancy with younger readers as you do with  older children so remember that when it comes time to choose a title.
  6. Be evocative – This creates mystery that asks to be read.  Titles that seek out adventure or speak a language that kids can relate to seems to work best.  This works with all types of children’s books such as mystery’s, humor and scary books.
  7. Read your title out loud – Before settling on a children’s book title, read it aloud to yourself and listen to how it sounds.  Does it evoke laughter?  Or does it sound weird?  Does it roll off the tongue well?  Or does it sound pushy?  You should also let others read your title out loud and see how it sounds from another point of view.

Populate your title with keywords that kids are searching for and avoid using buzzwords.  Try to elicit an emotional response.  Once you are able to do this, you’ll have a great children’s fiction title in no time at all.


A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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