How to Illustrate A Children’s Book

Learn How To Illustrate A Children’s Book

Want to learn how to illustrate a children’s book?  I am going to show you the inns and outs of illustrating a children’s book that will put some pizazz in your children’s story.  Before we begin, you need to know a few things that will help you discover what typeof illustrations are needed and how to go about putting them together with your story.

Children’s Book Illustrations

Here are some things to think about when illustrating a children’s book.  Consider the whole page and how you want it to look.  There are many ways to design a page but for aesthetic reasons, we want to catch the young readers eyes so the story stands out.  For these young readers, the illustrations make the story easier to understand and digest.

Design Ideas For The Illustrator

How do you want your page to look?  Do you want to have text on one page and the illustrations on the other or do you want to combine them to bring out the points of the story you want to get across.  Another way is to make the whole page an illustration and put your text in key areas that are pleasing to the eye.

But where to put the text?  How will the drawings support the text?  These are two questions you must ask yourself to have a successful children’s book.  In dealing with young readers, they are going to be looking for the story inside the illustrations.  Children are also very detailed oriented.  The more details you include the better reading experience the child receives.

Kids love the details because it brings out the story.  Illustrating children’s stories can be a very rewarding experience because your drawings become part of the story and are important to the reader.  They are an integral part of the story.

Finally, what is the bigger and broader picture when it comes to formatting your illustrations?  It’s in the details that your illustrations will ultimately please the reader.  Focus on the minute details and you will bring value to the story.

Here are two stories where illustrations bring the story to life:

My Best Friend Is A Pirate, Really!!!

My Best Friend Is A Robot, Really!!!





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13 thoughts on “How to Illustrate A Children’s Book

  1. What size and type of paper did you use to do your illustrations? Thank you
    for all of your video. How do your protect yourself against people stealing
    your idea when you need someone to proofread? thx.

  2. @WootMapler That is done through scanning! You just need a good
    High-Resolution scanner hooked to a PC to transfer your drawings or Art
    medium to digital format. Once you have it on your computer, you can do a
    lot of things to it; re-touches, alterations, knocking out colors, and of
    course, printing. =) Of course, the scanner has to be configured to scan
    Original Art/ color – this is just a tiny thing you can learn to do by
    simply checking the scanner’s option menu, which is self-explanatory.

  3. @WootMapler See the video "How to Write & Self-Publish a Children’s Book :
    Digitizing Illustrations for a Children’s Book"

  4. so can i do the same thing? i like writing children stories so my question
    is can i draw the pictures in a paper then colour them in crayons or
    pencils and get a publisher to get them published and that means i
    illustrated it

  5. erm possibly if i did it i would start by crayons orpencils just to get a
    general layout then possibly using gouache or acryllic paints or ink to
    finish with to do as you say, give a nice smooth finish try googling or
    wikipedia to find out more

  6. hey i have a question.. i look at dr. seuss’s original art work, it looks
    colored by crayon.. but then in the end when it’s all published, it looks
    perfectly done how is it they do that?

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