How to Write a Children’s Story Outline

So How Do You Write A Children’s Story Outline?

What comes first?  The story or the story’s outline?  If you are writing a children’s book you better start off by outline your ideas.  Writing a story from scratch is the best way to ruin a really good idea.

To set up an outline, storyboard your story from beginning to end by throwing out all kinds of ideas no matter how outrageous or whether they fit the story or not.  The idea is to set up your story and then whittle it down to what works.  Sometimes, those outrageous ideas can help you come up with different story prompts that can take your story to areas you never thought about.

A children’s story outline consists the following examples:

  1. It should use simple concepts
  2. It should use simple words
  3. It should consist of simple but memorable characters
  4. Objects and/or animals should be personified
  5. Use a moral or lesson to convey your story
  6. Have a good guy or hero (the protagonist)
  7. Have a bad guy or evil idea that battles the protagonist (the antagonist)
  8. Have a happy ending (no one like a sad or unhappy ending)
  9. Have a moment that is dedicated to teaching a concept about life or a person’s character
  10. based on a fairy tale or nursery ryhme

All good children’s books have these ideas built into the story.  The plot should convey these ideas in a pleasing manor but not talk down to the reader.  An outline of your story should have all these elements clearly defined as to help push the story along.  The great thing about writing children’s stories is that you change them around in different orser and still come up with a great story kids love to read.

Here are some examples of these types of stories:

My Best Friend Is A Space Alien, Really!!! (Book 5)

My Best Friend Is A Pirate, Really!!! (Book #7)

The Monster Ate My Homework, Really!!!



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