How to Write A Children’s Story – Who’s Your Audience?


Who is Your Audience For When Writing A Children’s Story?

Here are some basic considerations when writing a children’s book.  What age group is you story’s audience.  Who are you writing for?  Are the children young as in 0-12 months, 1-2 years old, 3-5 years old, 6-9 years old, 9-12 years old and then onto the teenage crowd.  It really does make a difference who you are writing for and how you will write.

From the words that you write to the pictures and illustrations it takes a keen eye and ear to write engaging stories for children that keeps them occupied and interested in what  you are writing about.  If you are writing about girls then you have to make sure you understand how girls think as well as what they want.  the same goes for boys.  You can’t write about princesses for boys unless there is a prince or someone who must save her.

Your audience knows when a book isn’t age appropriate for them.  You need to research books written in that age group and understand the words and stories written for them.  This way you will have a greater understand what they want to read, how to write for that age group and what is and isn’t a great subject to write about.

You want you stories to have mass appeal but you don’t want to compromise who you are writing your stories for.  Your audience will love you if you give them what they want so give it to them and give it often  They will come back time and time again for your great stories.

Here are a few books that do this very well.

My Best Friend Is A Zombie, Really!!!

My Best Friend Is A Monster, Really!!!



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