How To Write A Good Children’s Story

Writing A Good Children’s Story – What Does It Take?

You want to start writing a good children’s story but you don’t know what’s involved.  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  In order to write a good children’s story we need to come up with an idea.  What do you want to write about?  Who do you want to write about?  These two questions will be the most important elements of writing a good story.

Let’s delve into that first question.  What type of children’s story do you want to write?  Is it a fantasy that takes place in outer space?  Is it about an animal or a young child?  I would advise you see what is selling in the marketplace.  Familiarize yourself with the types of books that are written and then take about 20-30 minutes and brainstorm book ideas.  A good way to come up with quick ideas is to talk to your kids (if they are the age group you are targeting) or find some children you can bounce some ideas off of.  By doing this, you can easily come up with many fertile ideas that can be expanded into a good story.

Next, you need to find compelling characters to write about.  Characterization drives your story.  Build biographies of your characters and learn what their traits are so you can put them in situations that test those character traits.  You will need a hero and an antihero in your story and their clash is what the story will be about.  If not an antihero, then an idea or something that comes between the hero and what they want in their life.  We call this conflict and this conflict is your story idea.

Along with strong characters, you will need a memorable setting(s) that provide the backdrop to your story.  Remember Star Wars and all the fantastic planets?  Or Alice In Wonderland and the weird places she encountered.  Look for a setting that can be used to tell a story in a funny or weird way.  A good example of this Crocodile Dundee.  he’s a backwater guy from the Australian Outback and visits New york City.  It’s a tale of opposites and it has all the making s of a good story.

Finally, a memorable ending is just as important as anything else in your story.  Make your ending grab your reader as your character’s long struggle and you will have a great story.  Writing a great children’s story takes all these elements and puts them together in a way that engages the mind of a young reader.  When you do that you will know how to write a good children’s story.

Here are a few examples of good children’s stories.

The Monster Ate My Homework, Really!!!
Tales From A 6th Grade Reporter – Legend Of the Spitball King


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