How To Write A Short Story Quick and Easy


Writing Your Short Story Quick And Easy

Want to know how to write a short story quick and easy?   Andrew Heath will give you some great tips to the art of writing a short story.  He has condensed these tips into a very concise set of ideas that every writer needs to follow.

Generating ideas.  Every author needs to generate an idea for their story so planning the entire story out is must before you write!  Planning is essential.

  1. Plan your story in advance.
  2. Take detailed notes over what you are going to include and what direction you want your story to go in.
  3. Know the ending before you start writing so you have a clear goal in mind to write.

All short stories contain these six elements.

  1. Have a main character.
  2. The problem the main character has to live with.
  3. What is the main character’s motivation to solve that problem?
  4. What action does the character take  to solve their problem?
  5. The results the character receives after taking action.
  6. What change does the character undergo because of that action?

Let’s delve  a little more into each element of a short story.

Main Character

Who are you going to write about?  Focus on just one main character in the story.


What does the main character struggle with to overcome?


What decision does the main character make to solve their problem?


What does the main character do to solve the problem?  Do they solve it on their own?  Or do they get help?  And how does that affect the outcome of the action?

The Result

What happens as a result of the main character’s action?  How does it affect the storyline?  How does it affect the main character?

The Change

How does the main character change as a result of his attempt to solve his problem?  What does he learn in the process?  Is he a better person because of his action?

Here are some final thoughts on writing a short story quick and easy.

  1. Characters need a very good reason to do anything.  know your characters and what they are capable of.
  2. Set up every event in your story so it has a climax.
  3. If you open an event, you must close it.  There must be closure.  You can’t keep things open-ended.  All conflicts must be resolved.

Hope you enjoyed learning how to write a short story quick and easy and I hope this will help you plan out your next story.


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  1. This is an AMAZING tutorial! Good information, easy to understand and
    I hope you make more tutorials!

  2. Thanks! I am actually done with the actual writing–I am working on
    revising. I do not mind at all if you read it (feedback welcomed!). I will
    send it over once it is finished. I don’t think I will ever be fully
    comfortable sharing, but have to move past this if I want to get better.

  3. Thanks Gina! I’m glad it was helpful. Please send me the story when you’re
    finished if you feel comfortable. I’d love to read it.

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  5. This short version is short and sweet. Andrew, you are a very good teacher.
    The way you explain is very easy for non-writer like me to understand and
    to apply. Tumb-up!

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