How to Write Children’s Books With Great Images


How To Write A Children’s Book You Can Be Proud Of

There are various methods of writing a children’s book but learning how to write a children’s book that sells is a skill that takes patience and the proper know-how.  Writers who write from their heart and love what they are doing have a leg up on someone who is in it just for the money.

This is where finding great images can really work in your favor.  Images enhance your story to the point where they can help younger readers grasps ideas that may be hard to explain.  Looking for images that are right for your book can prove to be hard at first.

Let me show you where the best places are to find inexpensive and even free images you can work with

Where To Find Images That Work Best In Your Children’s Book?

I have a couple of favorites.  They are and

The idea behind finding good images is using proper keywords.  This will make it easier to find the right photo or illustration.  The closer you can get to explaining what it is you want the better search results you will get.  The next thing you need to understand regards the photos license.  Make sure it’s okay to use for commercial purposes and you don’t have to give attribution to the artist.  that is key when using them in your books.

Since since we’re using this in an eBook or an eBook cover, you don’t want to have to attribute the author on the cover where it will not look good.

Next, is another great place to find photos and illustrations that are in the public domain.  But beware, you still must focus on licensing and attribution so be careful.

Finally, here’s a sneaky way to find all the photos you want for just five dollars.  Go the and search for graphics.  Once there, search for sellers who will find you photos from the paid photos sites for only five dollars for an x number of photos.  Usually, they will find you anywhere from 10 to 30 pictures.  You find the photo’s item number (write it down) and then send it to the seller who will then send you the photos you requested.  it’s perfectly legal and you have the photos you want at a great price.

Here’s a great example of a book with exciting images My Best Friend Is A Superhero, Really!!!



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