Human Friend

[wp-squeeze-pro wpsp_logo=”images/transparent.png” wpsp_title=”What Would You Do If An Alien Boy Wanted To Be Your Friend? ” wpsp_bodycopy=”<p>Hi, I’m bestselling children’s adventure book author A. J. Westin, known everywhere as #quot#The Adventure Book Guy,#quot# and I would love to send you a FREE audiobook version of my hilarious new adventure book called <b>#quot#My Best Friend Is A Human, Really!!!#quot#</b></p><p>

Here’s what parents and kids are saying about my exciting adventure book series:</p><p>

  • #quot#What a fun and unique book!&nbsp; Having the story told from the alien’s point of view is sheer brilliance.&nbsp; I loved how they became friends in spite of their differences and their adventures were really fun!#quot#</i> ~ <b>Pam Clark</b></li><li><i>
  • #quot#A great book for readers of all ages.&nbsp; This is the type of book that kids can really get into and it relays the message that you can be friends with anyone despite your differences.&nbsp; The illustrations were fun and unique too!!!#quot#</i> ~ <b>Sean F.</b></li><li><i>
  • #quot#Finally,&nbsp;a book that takes friendship to a new level.&nbsp; This is the kind of book that kids can be proud to read and they are going to love experiencing Earth’s wild customs with the fun-loving alien by the name of Norg V’Platkian.#quot#</i> ~ <b>Kiernan N.</b>&nbsp;</li></ul><p>

This mp3 audiobook is currently selling for $9.97 but you can get it right now and&nbsp;listen to&nbsp;all the fun and adventures&nbsp;of two boys from different planets.&nbsp; (You and your kids will laugh out loud as Norg tries to acclimate himself to earth).</p><p><b>

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