Interview With Andrew McCullough – Star Of Tales From a 6th Grade Reporter

1Today, I’ve got a tasty little treat for all of you.  Andrew McCullough, star of “Tales from A 6th Grade Reporter – Legend Of The Spitball King” has graciously allowed himself to be interviewed for my readers (okay, I had to drag him here kicking and screaming!).

He is here to promote his appearance in my new book, “Tales from A 6th Grade Reporter – Legend Of The Spitball King”

Anyway, I certainly glad he is here.  He is going to talk about  his adventures and how he became an inspiration to 6th graders everywhere.

A. J. Westin: Hello Andrew, glad you could make it here today.

Andrew:  Do I really have to do this?  I don’t like being interviewed.

A. J. Westin:  Of course… Don’t you want to tell everyone how you vanquished the dreaded “Spitball King?”

Andrew:  If you put it that way…  What do you want to know?

A. J. Westin:  Let’s start at the beginning.  You always thought of yourself as a loser.  Why?  Aren’t you just a normal kid?

Andrew:  Me?  A normal kid?  You’ve got to be crazy!!!  I’ve screwed up more things in my life than any other kid in history!

Andrew started squirming around in his seat.  It seems his past is not a subject he wants to talk about.  But it’s my job to bring it out and that’s just what I’m gonna do!

A. J. Westin:  Hey, we all do stupid things… it’s all part of growing up.

Andrew:  You don’t understand!  I’ve made a fool of myself too many times.  How about the time when Mikey and I dyed our hair fifty different colors for Halloween so we could win the Xbox 360?  No only didn’t we win but we had to shave our heads because our hair got so tangled we couldn’t even comb it out!

A. J. Westin:  That’s just a learning experience isn’t?

Andrew:  Come on, man!  Did you forget about the time I sang in my Scooby-Do underwear singing that stupid Justin bieber song… and it went totally viral on you tube?  That sure wasn’t a learning experience for me!

I could see this wasn’t going how I planned so I used a little reverse psychology and tries to bring out the good things in Andrew’s life.

A. J. Westin:  Yeah, but you did make the it as a school news reporter and that’s a good thing.  You seemed to have found your calling in life.

Andrew:  That’s the best part of my life!  Sometimes, you never know how things are gonna work out.  Know what I mean?

A. J. Westin:  That’s quite true.  And for you, it was a blessing in disguise.

Andrew:  I know.  My teacher, Mrs. Thatcher really helped me hone my craft.  She showed me how to get the story and write to inspire.  I didn’t think it would turn out like it did. I mean, most kids who work for the school newspaper are thought of as geeks but I found out they’re pretty cool kids.

A. J. Westin:  And now, you’ve found your place in middle school, I guess.

Andrew:  I guess.  I’m still in the 6th grade so I’ve got a long way to go.

A. J. Westin:  Hopefully, there won’t be anymore instances of selling lemonade gone wrong or getting spit-balled to death.

Andrew:  You had to bring that up, didn’t you.  Just when I thought you were on my side…. adults, I’ll never understand them!

A. J. Westin:  Thank you Andrew for taking the time to tell us a little about your life and times in middle school.  I can’t wait for your next adventure!

Andrew:  Well, you’re writing it so hopefully you won’t make me do anymore crazy things.

A. J. Westin:  That’s the author’s prerogative.

Andrew:  Oh, boy!

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