Julie Andrews Talks Writing Children’s Books With Daughter

Writing Children’s Books

Writing children’s books can be a scary proposition when doing it by yourself but many writers have found that bringing in a fresh set of ideas from another author can be a valuable way to push your children’s writing career in a new and fun direction.  This is true of how Julie Andrews and her daughter work.

They sit opposite each other and throw out ideas until they have the makings of a great story.  From there, it’s taking the story to a place that inspires children to read.  It really doesn’t matter who comes up with the ideas, it is the ideas themselves that are important.

The story ultimately is what is important and writing with a partner can be very rewarding.  Each person can concentrate on a part of the story freeing up valuable time to write and come up with great story hooks.  Combining story ideas into a cohesive writing style can take a bit of work but that’s what happens when people work together.  A new style emerges out of the dust of individual styles.

Writing with another person is an enjoyable experience as it allows to get new perspectives on the story itself.  Many writers need that extra push another author gives to get stories finished that might just lie there for ages without the proper ending or a fresh look on an old idea.

Here a some children’s stories that were written by an author but new ideas infused by the illustrator.

My Best Friend Is A Human, Really!!! (Book #1)

Tales From A 6th Grade Reporter – Legend Of The Spitball King

Dragon Quest – A Lonely Dragon’s Search For True Friendship



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