Let’s Write A Children’s Story!

Story Time For Kids

Let’s write a children’s story is part of story time video from The  Children’s Book Week celebration in 2012 from Pamunkey Regional Library Goochland Branch. In this video, many children stopped by their local libraries to add their stories to the storybooks being put together. Children got their first taste of learning how to write and illustrate their own children’s books.

From an early age, it is important to immerse children in the idea that not only should they be reading but adding writing to their learning experience will help them later on to express themselves and become better communicators.  Learning how to write children’s stories is a great way to enhance their vocabulary and give them a chance to express their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Among the ways the children learned how to write a children’s story was giving them hands-on experience in putting together a book from scratch from their own ideas.  Instead of hand-feeding the children, the teachers and librarians gave the children their own voice to write and produce their own works.  This is an important developmental tool for young children to learn outside the rigid structure of school and be creative.

Creativity is at the heart of learning and it behooves parents, teachers and librarians to included writing and illustrating in the children’s learning experience.  When children produce their own works, it builds confidence in their own abilities and allows them freedom to express their individuality.

Writing a children’s story is also fun.  We can never discount that and when you see the look on these children’s faces you know it is a good experience for them.  It doesn’t matter whether the stories and the illustrations are good or not, what does matter is the children are getting involved.  Learning become more like a chore when you force things on children but when you introduce concepts that are fun and intriguing, children have a much better chance to enhance their communication skills and succeed in the future.


A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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