photoHello, my name is A. J. Westin  and I’m a best-selling children’s adventure book author from Neptune, NJ.  I am a huge advocate for literacy and I’m in the process of releasing my new book and video course called “How To Write Children’s Adventure Stories… So Easy A 10 Year Old Kid Can Do It!” I am looking for parents and children to get involved by sending me pictures of themselves reading – either together with a friend or family member or alone to put on my blog here at www.ajwestin to promote reading.  I want this to be a fun exercise for all involved and hopefully it will spur your children to become better readers.

To make sure the pictures are varied, I ask you to take your pictures in as many different locations as possible such as the car, your bedroom, at the kitchen table, at the park, at the library, in your living room, or anywhere else that you like.  Try to be as creative as possible because those that send in the most unique photos will get first crack at being featured on my website.  The more pictures you send it the greater chance you have to be featured in a blog post.  You can email me (this is the easiest way to collect all the photos as I anticipate a huge involvement) with as many pictures as you’d like and those that want to be a part of this project will be eligible to get one of my books for free.  You can either have the book sent as a pdf file, a mobi file (kindle) or as an audiobook file (only 5 books are in audiobook form at this time).  The choice is yours.

Here Are The Rules For Entering

  1. Fill out the “A Consent To Use Photo Release Form” to protect both your and my rights.  Let me assure you these photos will be used on blog posts to promote the articles that I write pertaining to literacy.  I’m not here to take advantage of you or your child.  I fully believe in being up front about what I’m doing.  The more involvement I get from everyone the better I can help your children to become better readers and possibly better writers.  This is my one and only goal.
  2. Once you have sent in the consent form, you can start sending in your photos either by scanning them and emailing them to or by using your phone or tablet and emailing them that way.  Now, this is important,  in order to know whose photos I will be using, please put your child’s name in the subject line of the email with the words “HERE ARE MY PHOTOS”.  That way I known it is for this project.  You can send in as many photos as you like but you are only eligible for one free book of your choice.  Just go to the books section of this site and pick out which book you would like only after you have been confirmed by me so that freebie seekers don’t try to get all my books for free.  There are only so many free books I can give out (remember, I AM running a business here!).  If and when I use your photo, I will do my best to email you back so that you can see the blog post for yourself.
  3. WARNING:  Due to copyright issues, please do not show the cover of any book in the picture as I will not accept it.  I don’t want to get sued for using someone else’s book cover without their consent.  Thank you for your understanding!!!
  4. You are gladly welcome to buy any books on this site if you want your child to read inspiring stories.  That is why I write – to inspire so that children will WANT to read not HAVE to read.
  5. Have fun with this project.  Even though literacy a serious matter, the photos should be fun and interesting.  Hopefully, this will allow you to bond even further with your child and maybe, just maybe, it will become a cherished memory for you and your family.

In order to make this all legal and protect both yours and my rights, you must first sign “A Consent To Use Photo Release Form” which allows me the use of your likeness to be used on my website before any of your photos can be used.

If you don’t have the form, you can download it from here.

I have included the release form with this letter which you must first sign before any photos can be sent.  If you have any questions about this project you can email me at or call me at 732-533-3813.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to your involvement in this fun and exciting project.


A. J. Westin  “The Adventure Book Guy” 

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