Monster Homework

[wp-squeeze-pro wpsp_logo=”images/transparent.png” wpsp_title=”Has A Monster Ever Eaten Your Homework?” wpsp_bodycopy=”<p>Hi, I’m best-selling author A. J. Westin, known everywhere as #quot#The Adventure Book Guy,#quot# and I would love to send you a FREE audiobook version of my hilariously heartwarming new adventure book called #quot#The Monster Ate My Homework, Really!!!#quot#</b></p><p>

Here’s what parents and kids are saying about my adventure book series:<br>

  • #quot#These books are wonderful! They show kids in real-life situations with a twist. I love how the author took an excuse we’ve all been guilty of and made it into a funny adventure.#quot#</i> ~ Pam Clark
  • #quot#My kids love to read books about going on great adventures and these books put them right in the middle of a grand adventure. This story was fun to read and kept us laughing.#quot# Michelle M.
  • #quot#A. J. has written a charming book for young kids of all ages. The story takes a fun twist on that old #quot#My homework was eaten by a monster excuse#quot# and makes a captivating read.#quot# ~Tara Triano

This mp3 audiobook is currently selling for $9.97 but you can get it right now and listen to all the fun that happens when monsters get hungry. (You and your kids will laugh out loud when you realize how close this story hits to home).<p><p><b>

Just go ahead and enter your name and address in the box to the right (so I know where to send it) and you’ll get all the exciting adventures of #quot#The Monster Ate My Homework, Really!!! sent right to your inbox!</b></p>” wpsp_sidebarimage=”” confirmation=”” ar=”AW” list_email=”” template=”wpsp-base-01″][/wp-squeeze-pro]

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