My Best Friend Is A Human, Really!!! (Book #1 In The “My Best Friend Is” Children’s Adventure Series) Sample



Greetings, in the name of Korg The Ultimate Destroyer!  My name is Norg V’Plaktian and I come from the planet, Alsaria, located in the star system, Redulak which is 129.87 Blipsects from Earth.

Currently, I am learning planetary science at my school so I spend most of my days studying.  It can be very boring here at times so I’m always looking for someone to talk to using my Intergalactic Beaming Device.  It scans my face and sends it out across the galaxy where it will find someone for me to talk to and then beams their face back to my device!

It makes this weird buzzing and beeping noise and then I see someone’s face right there in front of me.  Wow!  I wonder, who am I gonna see now?

Today, I needed to get away after my science finals so I went to my favorite place on Alsaria, the Mountains of Krunt Vordub.  I sat back in my favorite lorub and relaxed while I turned on my Intergalactic Beaming Device.  I pointed it out to the galaxies and waited for someone to answer.

To my amazement, a human boy with brown hair and green eyes answered my call and he looks like he’s the same age as me.

“Gorkin!” I greet him as he waved back at me.  His eyes got very big when he saw me and he flashed me a wicked smile.

“I can’t believe it!  A real live alien,” he shouts.  “Hi, my name is Kristopher.  What’s your name?”

“Name?” perplexed, I try to make the same sound as he did but his language is foreign to me.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard.

“I’m Kristopher Larson,” he said as he pressed his hand to his chest and I realized he was asking what I was called.

“Norg V’Plaktian,” I reported as I stared back at him.  He seemed incredibly happy and this made me happy too.

He asked me another question, “Where are you from, Norg?”  To tell you the truth, I must have looked confused because I did not quite understand what he was talking about.  “My planet is Earth.”  He then spoke very slowly to me hoping I would finally understand.  “What is your planet?”

“Alsaria vip Redulak.” I explained.

“Can you come to Earth?” he asked.

“Come to Earth?”  I repeated after him and realized he must be talking about me going to where he is from.

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