My Best Friend Is A Monster, Really!!! (Book #4 In The “My Best Friend Is” Children’s Adventure Series) Sample

Best Friends Forever


Ally Jones stands up from her seat and starts walking back towards me.  I see her coming and quickly zip Wilbur into my backpack.  Ally stops in the aisle seat next to me and leans over to speak.

“Hey Andrew, I’m having a birthday party this weekend at my house and the entire class is invited.  Would you like to come and hang out with us? We’re gonna have this huge ice cream cake, a bounce house and my parents are opening the pool up so we can all go swimming!” she says excitedly.

“No thanks, Ally, I have plans already,” I respond, thinking of the adventure Wilbur and I have planned out in the woods.

Ally gives me a hurt look and goes back to her seat.  I hear her talking to her friends, “I don’t know why he never wants to do anything with us. He says he’s already got plans.  He’s like, in his own little world!?”

I ignore them, since I already know that people think I’m weird.  Now, I don’t think I’m weird, I just like hanging out with Wilbur more than being around my classmates.

Wilbur is so much fun.  He always makes me laugh and he keeps me entertained.  We always find something fun to get into.  My parents don’t believe me when I tell them about Wilbur. They think I’m making him up, but I’m not.

He’s as real as real can be but for now, it’s just me and him.

He does everything with me, even eats dinner with me.  He has this funny little habit of sitting on my shoe under the dinner table and tying my shoes together.

Sometimes he even crawls over to my mom’s leg and starts tickling her foot. She always screams and says, “Rat!” and jumps up from the table.  Wilbur always runs back over to me before she sees him though, and I laugh at our little joke from behind my napkin.

After school, Wilbur and I decide to go for a walk, to see what we can get into.  It’s too bad the farthest we’re allowed to walk is in my own backyard.  Oh well.

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