My Best Friend Is A Pirate, Really!!! (Book #7 In The “My Best Friend Is” Children’s Adventure Book Series Sample



     Timmy Wilson isn’t your average child. No, not in the least! Only ten years old and yet, his life is void of any fun and adventure. Living a boring life without so much as fulfilling his only dream has made him feel lonely and unwanted.

     Above all else, Timmy wanted his own pirate adventure. You know, sailing the seven seas, finding buried treasure and being the captain on his own pirate ship. This was his dream. A dream he thought about night and day and day and night.

     The problem was none of the other children that lived in his neighborhood shared his vision. Sometimes, even his own parents would tell him the same old tired story, “Oh Timmy, you need to grow up!”… Though the children were a bit meaner with their choice of words and often picked on him when he had his nose stuck in some pirate book he found in the library.

     But things would soon change as his parents decided to go on their very first vacation as a family to give him a break from the cruel taunts of the other children and allow his imagination to flourish and thrive. But it wasn’t on these beaches that he found peace and solace in his thoughts as he would have liked because the most unlikely of people happened to occupy those very same beaches. His name was the Crimson Pirate and he was three hundred years young from riding the high seas.

     Timmy had no idea that he would be meeting the Crimson Pirate sooner than later as he was given a treasure map by his dad. He was told to go on a scavenger hunt, the likes of which thrilled him to the core. It was something silly of course since dad had this annoying habit of still treating him like a little boy.

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