My Best Friend Is A Robot, Really!!! (Book #3 In The “My Best Friend Is” Adventure Series) Sample



Billy Meyers is an 8 year old boy who loves building robots.  He spends all his waking hours with the robot that he built in his own lab which he affectionately calls Zocar.

The idea for Zocar came in a dream to Billy one night while he had trouble sleeping.  He had always wanted his own robot, but with a twist.  He wanted one that had never been built before.

For many months, Billy drew up plans for a robot who would become his best friend.  In his designs, he wanted the robot to be a human’s best friend.  He wanted a robot he could talk to and not get bored with.  He also wanted a robot he could do things with but what he really wanted was a companion.  And, he was determined to build the right one.

Zocar is an interesting looking robot, quite human in his appearance but with stunning yellow eyes.  His arms were very long, hanging down to his knees to give him the power he needed to lift anything with ease.

Billy designed the robot to have a human looking face instead of the monster-like qualities of the old style robots so he made sure that Zocar’s facial expressions would look natural.  This took some doing but he based the robot’s skeletal design on a human head.  Billy was very precise in what he envisioned for Zocar.  It wasn’t going to be just any robot, you see.

Billy decided early on that he wanted a different kind of robot.  The kind that the advanced technology of today’s digital age can help him create a being that has only the slightest hints that it isn’t human.

He put his heart and soul into perfecting the robot so that Zocar could fully function in the real world.

Now, Billy would rather be a robot than a human any day and that is why he is busy building the most advanced robot ever made by a human.  A robot that could do anything a human could do and do it as a friend.

With Zocar, he wanted to create a being that was so real humans couldn’t tell the difference whether it was machine or human and one that could adapt to its own environment.

Every day after school, Billy would go down into his lab and work on Zocar.  He didn’t want anyone to know about his creation until the time was right so he hid Zocar from his family.

Billy kept a diary of everything he did with Zocar so he could teach the robot to do things like a real human would do such as walking and talking.  In fact, he made sure that Zocar incorporated slang into his vocabulary so he would not seem out of place among humans.

He also taught him how to walk naturally like a human instead of the rough mechanical steps most robots are used to making.  Giving him agility was probably the hardest thing he had to teach Zocar but it really paid off.

Zocar used this agility to learn how to hold things without breaking them as well as doing things such a threading a needle or even making meatloaf.

The only real problem that Billy encountered in programming Zocar was teaching him the proper social skills but Billy wanted Zocar to have his own personality and he didn’t want to discourage Zocar from interacting with humans once he was ready to go live.

From the beginning stages of the robot’s construction, Billy obsessed over every feature.  When his father was away, Billy snuck into his closet and took some of his clothes so that Zocar could have something to wear because it wouldn’t be decent to have a naked robot running around.

He even brought in a full-length mirror into his lab which helped Zocar understand who he was.  This was very important to Billy.  He wanted Zocar to be self-aware and get used to how he looked.

When Billy wasn’t working on his robot he was dreaming about it.  In the days and nights that followed, Billy kept asking his dad if he could visit his work place.  He wanted to see firsthand how scientists worked.  But he had an ulterior motive.  He needed to get inside a high tech lab to see how things are done.

“Don’t worry Zocar, I’ll get you everything you need.  I won’t let anything stand in my way!” promised Billy

Zocar smiled.  He knew Billy really cared about him and trusted him with his new found life.

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