My Best Friend Is A Space Alien Book Trailer

Here’s the Book Trailer For My Best Friend is A Space Alien, Really!!!


A Friendship That’s Out Of This World!

Meet Stuart Bailey, with his coke bottle glasses, goofy red hair and freckles. He could sure use a friend about now and that’s exactly what he gets when Gleeu Vovlov, a fun loving ten year old space alien from the planet Kartozia sends a message out to the lonely little boy from Earth.

The fireworks begin when Gleeu touches down his spaceship in Stuart’s hometown of San Francisco. Doing his best to hide Gleeu from the rest of the kids from his neighborhood as well the authorities, the two boys begin a quest for fun and adventure. Stuart promises to show him the sights of the city but Gleeu has other plans and they jump in Gleeu’s spaceship for a ride Stuart will never forget.

From blowing up asteroids to flying over the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s the adventure of a lifetime for these two boys who become fast friends. Even sampling some of San Francisco’s finest food is an adventure in itself in this heartwarming story of true friendship between boys from different parts of the galaxy.

A New Adventure Is Waiting For You

In the 5th installment of the popular “My Best Friend Is” children’s adventure book series, author A. J. Westin has given us another memorable story to sink our teeth in to. Once again we see how friendships are so important, even between boys from different worlds. Kids will see that anyone can be friends despite their differences.

Find out how these two become best friends for life in this hilarious and funny children’s adventure story.

Download it now and for some great laughs and some fun reading.

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