My Best Friend Is A Space Alien, Really!!! (Book #5 In The “My Best Friend Is” Children’s Adventure Series) Sample Chapter



Life has a funny way of bringing together people or things that have absolutely nothing in common and so it happened as I, Stuart Bailey, can attest to.  You see, not all beings look at life through the same glass nor stare up at the stars in the grand scheme of wondering “why”… but sometimes, when you find yourself gazing up at the sky, you might find someone or some “thing” staring right back… and he just might want to play with you.

So, let me tell you about my friend who is not of this world for you see, many people still feel we are the only beings that inhabit the universe.  Most adults scoff at the idea of aliens visiting our planet and scold us by saying, “What foolish things for a boy to be telling” but they have never met my new best friend.

Gleeu Vovlov was just such a creature of mischief and fun, raised like any good Kartozian with the hopes and aspirations of bringing joy and laughter to all across the galaxy.

Located just outside the Theta Penduli System, the planet Kartozia was a planet of peace and tranquility, of exploration and innovation and it was the aspiration of every youth there to explore beyond the stars.

This was so true of Gleeu as he excitedly explored the deepness of space on top of Mount Takka, seeking out new life as he planned out wonderful adventures to be had… but the unlikeliest of planets crossed his vision, a  mere blip on the map as he touched the screen of his Universal Viewing Device and singled in… Earth!

Never had he seen a planet with such beautiful waters like that of the third planet from the sun.  His home world had not seen such a beautiful ocean before in generations but the planet was so tiny and it looked like it contained no life on the surface at all.

But, oh how he sang and jumped for joy as the lens of his viewer zoomed in closer and saw a section of land that danced across his screen.  The moving objects caught flashes of white and blue glare like a shimmering star in the sky… it was moving!  “This planet does have life!  It does, it does!” he cheered.

He studied this place with fervor and honed in on buildings and structures so tall they seemed to touch the sky!

His home planet of Kartozia had no such buildings or monuments with beings living in them.  Oh no!  Kartozia was a huge planet and the beings barely took up much room.  They had dedicated their lives to reaching the heavens in their rockets and other devices of transportation that it seemed silly to build such large structures when they could fly well and far beyond them.  But these wonderful creatures of so many colors were wandering about the streets like busy shtorghi’s (Kartozian version of bees) buzzing to and fro from inside their happy little lives.

And so it was that Gleeu sent out his happy little transmission millions of light years across the galaxy in hopes of finding someone new, someone fun, someone full of play and adventurous  as he was.

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