My Best Friend Is A Superhero Book Trailer

Here Is The Book Trailer For My Best Friend Is A Superhero, Really!!!

Who Else Wants To Be A Superhero

All ten year old boys love to play superhero, especially with their dad, and Johnny Braden is no different.  He battles made-up villains in his backyard to the death and  loves to defeat the evil Emperor Lord Kruug and the Lizard people as they try to poison Johnny’s dog, Scooter, or when he attacks the peace loving people of Earth.

Little does Johnny know that the evil Lord Kruug actually does exist and has assembled his fleet of deadly ships with thousands of warriors ready to bring the Earthlings to their feet.  When Lord Kruug’s forces attack Earth, Johnny brings it upon himself to defeat Kruug but how?

That’s when Prince Lorkan appears.  Having been captured by Lord Kruug’s forces when they invaded his home planet of Mistovia, Prince Lorkan escapes and comes to Earth seeking justice for the death of his father Nurmeen,, The King of the Mistovians.  Together, he and Johnny team up to face the Lizard people in a race against time.

Will they defeat Lord Kruug and his Lizard army?

Will Prince Lorkan return to free his planet of Kruug’s warriors?

Will Johnny be reunited with his family?

Find out in this heartwarming story of a new found friendship put to the test… of courage under fire and belief in one’s abilities.