My Best Friend Is A Superhero, Really!!! (Book #6 In The “My Best Friend Is” Adventure Series) Sample

The Superhero Is In The House


All little Johnny Braden ever wanted to do was to make a difference in the world… heck, even if it was in this tiny little place he called home.   A boy barely ten years old, with his freckled face and his messy mane of red hair, he was the epitome of childlike wonderment and imagination that was expressed through his wardrobe as much as it was through his enthusiasm.

Johnny was the world’s last hope for a hero in a generation without them.  He stood tall among those had no one to look up to.

He took being a superhero as the important job it was intended to be and he did it well, making sure everyone was well taken care of.

But the enemy was a strong and powerful one.  It did not take the battle with Johnny lightly.  Oh no, not in the least!

With its evil and power hungry Emperor, Lord Kruug as its leader, the Lizard people of the planet Perizia made plans for the epic battle with Johnny.  They had looked forward to this day and had assembled the planet’s greatest warriors for the showdown.

It was Kruug though, who delighted in harassing Johnny’s dog, Scooter, by sending out delicious dog snacks that were booby trapped with poison pellets that would explode in his stomach had he taken the bait and eaten them.

Luckily for Scooter, Johnny was able to fly to his rescue, his red cape flapping in the breeze.  It was here that Johnny felt the most free.  As a real superhero, he was able to swoop in and catch Scooter under one arm while he singlehandedly disintegrated the snacks before his dog was able to be poisoned.

Johnny landed miles away from the point of impact before the evil Emperor Kruug’s missiles crashed against the earth and blew up the waves of grass that littered the landscape into a million pieces of poisonous water drops meant to mimic Earth’s water.  One touch to the skin and Scooter would fall over on all fours and explode like a water balloon!

Kruug was always invading the Earth in his selfish attempt to steal the Earth’s supply of water for his own selfish game… having wasted the water supply on his own home planet.  What was left on Perizia had become toxic and he used these toxic water drops for poison in his plans against Johnny and his poor dog Scooter.  But every time, Johnny would thwart his plans and Lord Kruug was forced back into hiding, tweaking his plans for the next invasion.

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