My Best Friend Is A Zombie Book Trailer

My Best Friend Is A Zombie Book Trailer

Here’s the book trailer to my second book in the “My Best friend Is” children’s adventure book series.  These books are written to inspire the imagination of children everywhere and help them have self-confidence and be able to deal with all kinds of obstacles in their lives.

Who’s Afraid Of Zombies?

Not little Ben, a 10 year old who has his own share of problems but on this night, he meets Leo, a zombie who’s been dead for the past 10 years and is trying to get his soul back to heave.   After a night of talking and hanging out, these two become fast friends as they realize they have more in common than they ever realized.

It takes a couple of bullies to seal their friendship as those bullies try to pick on little Ben.  It’s Leo the Zombie to the rescue as he and Ben play a few tricks on the bullies and scare them out of their wits on Halloween night.

Find out how they become best friends for life in this engaging tale of friendship, caring and trust.


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