My Best Friend Is A Zombie, Really!!! (Book #2 In The “My Best Friend Is” Children’s Adventure Series) Sample



Let me tell you a story of a spooky time when imagination got the better of a young boy named Ben Hopkins.

Being only ten years old, Halloween was still a big deal to him.  It’s where kids can stay up really late, wear scary costumes of great creation and of course, get free candy for trick or treating.

It was on this day of All Hallows Eve, the only time of the year celebrated in wondrous ceremony and respect for those long since past.  For on this day, these dark times highlight the one night of the year when the dead have a chance to come back from the grave.  While children celebrate it with candy and fun, not all creatures returning from the dead come back to plague the living, frightful or otherwise.

This Hallows Eve was no different for poor little Ben…the oldest of two brothers and one mother minus their dad… for they had recently divorced which made them all quite sad.

A new town, a new state and a new life for them to make, marking this the first Halloween for little Ben since his parent’s divorce.

Ben wanted this Halloween to be special so he put together the perfect costume… or so he thought.  He decided to go as a zombie even though he didn’t believe in ghosts or goblins or zombies for that matter… or as his little brother Evan would say, creatures made of poo!

But what Ben did not know would certainly not hurt him because this Halloween the dead would be coming back from the grave… for it wasn’t ghosts or demons that haunted the sleepy little city of Lockport and its dainty little streets but something much, much different.

Sometimes the good die young but that doesn’t mean they can’t at least have some fun which brings us to Leo the Zombie who was once a hip teenage kid.  He died rather suddenly, leaving his soul to wander and when this tragic time of the year came around, it was his chance at freedom and flight.

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