New Tweener Book Series Makes Reading Fun Again For Middle School Age Readers

Neptune, N. J., 4/27/2014 — For many middle school age children, reading can be a tedious adventure when trying to find books that inspire their curiosity. Fortunately, a new book series has been released by children’s adventure book author, A. J. Westin that brings kids right in the middle of the action. The series is called “My Best Friend Is” and takes 8-12 year old children and sets them on grand adventures featuring characters you don’t normally associate with being your best friend.

These new found friends such as monsters, pirates, space aliens, robots and zombies allow children to use their vivid imaginations to visualize themselves as the main character. The children in the stories are kids who are in need of a friend, feel unwanted or have unusual hobbies and are mentored by the new found friends who teach them to have confidence in their abilities, in who they are and how to deal with their problems.

The tweener generation, which consists of children between the ages of 9-12, are at a point in their lives where they are too old to be little kids but not old enough to be teenagers and need heroes to latch onto. According to author A. J. Westin, “Changing family structures with divorce rates over 50% and hard economic times have made it difficult for young children to feel good about themselves and their surroundings. I write stories to inspire children’s imaginations, help them to see that other kids are going through the same problems and to give kids positive role models.”

The tweener generation has become a huge target market for authors who want to write engaging stories that are too advanced for toddlers and yet not sophisticated enough for the teen crowd. The author, A. J. Westin, researches his subject matter by talking to kids and finding out directly from them what they like to read, what characters they enjoy reading about and what inspires them and then fashions his stories to suit their tastes. “Kids know what they like when it comes to reading material and I want to give them something they want to read not have to read. I believe this makes them better readers in the long run.

When it comes to writing for children, A. J. Westin has got a pulse on what kids really want to read. His next book, “My Best Friend Is A Ninja, Really” the ninth book in the series will be released at the beginning of May 2014 and continues the trend of writing fun adventure stories that keeps children reading.

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A. J. Westin is known as “The Adventure Book Guy” and has written over two dozen children’s books. He has dedicated his life to advocating literacy among children and is committed to helping authors of any age learn how to write inspiring children’s stories. A. J. Westin’s books are available for purchase on both and his website at http:/

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