Robot Friend

[wp-squeeze-pro wpsp_logo=”images/transparent.png” wpsp_title=”Who Else Wants A Robot For A Best Friend?” wpsp_bodycopy=” <p>Hi, I’m bestselling children’s adventure book author A. J. Westin, known everywhere as #quot#The Adventure Book Guy,#quot# and I would love to send you a FREE audiobook version of my sensational new adventure book called #quot#My Best Friend Is A Robot, Really!!!#quot#</b></p><p>

Here’s what parents and kids are saying about my exciting adventure book series:</p><p>

  • #quot#Every kid wants a robot of their own but there’s always complications. A. J. has fashioned a story that deals with friendship in a way all kids can relate to and using a robot was pure genius!#quot# ~ Pam Clark
  • #quot#A great book for readers of all ages. This is the type of book that kids can really get into and it relays the message that you can be friends with anyone despite your differences. The illustrations were and unique too!!!#quot# ~ Sean F.
  • #quot#The action kept me on the seat of my pants. Loved how the good robot taught Billy how to be a good friend.  Your series has made a believer out of me!#quot# ~ Irene P.

This mp3 audiobook is currently selling for $9.97 but you can get it right now and listen to all the fun and adventure that robots have. (You and your kids will love how Zocar learns to become more human). </p><p><b>

Just go ahead and enter your name and address in the box to the right (so I know where to send it) and you’ll get the exciting adventures of #quot#My Best Friend Is A Robot, Really!!! sent right to your inbox! </b></p>” wpsp_sidebarimage=”” confirmation=”” ar=”AW” list_email=”” template=”wpsp-base-01″][/wp-squeeze-pro]

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