Children’s Writing Tips: 4 Rules Beginning Children’s Book Writers Should Never Break

What Are The 4 Rules Beginning Children’s Book Writers Should Never Break?

When writing children’s books, many writers are not aware of the  4 rules beginning children’s book writers should never break.  They go about writing for children without an idea of what they should be doing and then wonder why no one wants to publish their book or if they are self-published, no one is reading their book.   There are guidelines that have been put in place for writers to follow to ensure they all have a fighting chance to get published as well as having their books meet publishing standards.

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Do I Need An Illustrator For My Picture Book?

Do I Need An Illustrator

Do I need an illustrator for my picture book?  That is the most frequently asked question of Jon Bard, head of the Children’s Book Insider Club and in this video he will give you you the reasons why you should not.

The second most asked questions refers to doing the illustrations yourself or letting a friend or family member do it.  Once again, Jon bard takes us into the world of children’s book publishing and shows us the real reasons why we shouldn’t.

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Should You Be Writing Picture Books?

Writing Picture Books

Stephanie Baudet, Writers Bureau tutor, answers some questions regarding writing picture books.  She relates that when children are very young, they are read picture books and it is through these books that they develop a love for reading and become readers throughout their life.

Now there’s nothing more enjoyable than sharing a picture book with a young child and seeing their faces light up as you read and reread the book to them.  Children love to have books read to them and they learn the story by having the story reread until the memorize it.

Are Picture Books Easy To Write?

Picture books are a lot harder than what they appear to be.  The author must consider every word used and choose them carefully so they tell the story in a fun but compact way.  The writing must have a poetic rhythm to it and covey the story in a visual way without being too wordy.

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Writing Children’s Books – Get Your Mindset Right


Children’s Writing Tips

What does it take to succeed at writing children’s books?  Having the right mindset separates the successful writers from the unsuccessful writers.  It’s that simple.  Perseverance is a key component of writing as you need to push despite any problem you may encounter.  Do you want it bad enough?  If so, then your mindset is your secret weapon.  Accept this and make the most of your situation.

It used to be that print books were the only way to get published but digital publishing has become the new medium and you don’t need to have a major publisher print your book.  You can now self-publish both a print book and an ebook.  Don’t complain about how things are, adapt and then conquer the medium.

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The How To Process Of Writing A Children’s Story


 The Writing Process

What is the process of writing a children’s book?  Before beginning any story there are things you need to do put together a winning children’s story.  First, we start with the big idea.  The big idea starts with us asking questions about our story.

Here are  the 5 main questions.

  1. Who is the story about?
  2. What happens in the story?
  3. Where does the story take place?
  4. When did the story take place?
  5. How did the main deal with the conflict in the story?

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How To Market Books For Kids

How To Market Your Children’s Books

Every children’s author wants to know how to market books for kids.  The problem is, once you write your book you’re pretty much on your own.  So what kind of marketing should you use?  That’s easy… Learn how to use relationship marketing.  This means being yourself and cultivating relationships with other writers, bloggers, and readers both on Facebook, Twitter and through your website and the websites of others.

Too often, writers cringe at the thought of marketing.  It’s a spooky word that implies forcing people to buy your product but that’s not how it has to be.  When you market your books for children, who is your target market?  How do you engage those readers?  And, how do you get yourself out there and meeting people?

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Writing Children’s Books With Angela Dominguez


Writing And Illustrating Children’s Books With Angela Dominguez

Writing children’s books with Angela Dominguez is an interview she did where she talks about becoming a children’s author and illustrator as well as her new book, “Lets Go, Hugo!”

Angela was born in Mexico City she she spent most of her early life in Texas.  She now lives and works in San Francisco. Her early years was filled with books and she loved making a mess creating pictures. She has illustrated twelve children’s books and has worked with many publishers including Dial, Abrams, Candlewick, Children’s Book Press, and Henry Holt which are fans of her work.

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How To See The World Through The Eyes Of A Writer

Seeing The World Through A Writer’s Eyes

As a writer, it’s hard to turn off our writing instincts but seeing the world through the eyes of a writer is how we improve our craft.  We need to keep our ears and eyes open for the possibilities that life brings our way.  When you learn how to see the world through the eyes of a writer you see things that others don’t.

It has been said that the world is one big story and it is our job to capture that story and make it known to the masses.  Once you learn how to see the world that way, all kinds of ideas for new stories will pop into your mind.  From new and wild characters to  fun ideas for new stories, our eyes must look for these stories in everyday life.

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