7 Tips To Write A Children’s Story That Sells


Tips For Writing Children’s Stories

Today, Jurgen Wolff, a published author who had been writing for over 25 years is going to share his 7 tips to write a children’s story that sells.  His two books, “Your Writing Coach” and “Your Creative Writing Masterclass” are classics that can teach you the fine art of writing.

These tips to writing stories that sell will help you become a children’s book author in no time at all.

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How To Write A Great Children’s Book With Robyn Opie Parnell

How To Write A Great Kids Book

In this exclusive interview with Robyn Opie Parnell, the bestselling author of over 100 books for children and sales of over one million worldwide, she is going to tell us how to write a great children’s book.

She says, it all starts with possibilities.  Those stories that you want to write won’t write themselves.  You have to want to write them.  Having the passion to be an author goes along way in determining if you will write that great children’s story or not.  When she was in school, a teacher told her she should become a writer and that next night, she sat down and wrote a children’s story.

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Let’s Write A Children’s Story!

Story Time For Kids

Let’s write a children’s story is part of story time video from The  Children’s Book Week celebration in 2012 from Pamunkey Regional Library Goochland Branch. In this video, many children stopped by their local libraries to add their stories to the storybooks being put together. Children got their first taste of learning how to write and illustrate their own children’s books.

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Interview With Yumi Heo – Children’s Book Illustrator and Writer


This is a beautiful interview with Yumi Heo, Children’s Book Illustrator and Writer.  The Korean-born Yumi talks about her life in Korea, how she was influenced to become a children’s book author and illustrator as well as her journey to America.

heo_yumi_lgHere are some highlights from the interview.

She was born in 1964 and lived most of her early life in the 1970’s in the Korean countryside.  This was a big influence on her art as she spent most of her time outside in nature.  Her book, The Green Frogs: A Korean Folk Tale is based on many of her adventures as well on the Koren folktales she was brought up with.

She came to the United States and took up graphic design in 1989 and made it her idea to study what other children writers were doing.  She studied many children’s authors and illustrators from around the wold to see how she could find her own voice.  This led to her working on her own illustrations that eventually became the basis of her first children’s book.

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How to Illustrate A Children’s Book

Learn How To Illustrate A Children’s Book

Want to learn how to illustrate a children’s book?  I am going to show you the inns and outs of illustrating a children’s book that will put some pizazz in your children’s story.  Before we begin, you need to know a few things that will help you discover what typeof illustrations are needed and how to go about putting them together with your story.

Children’s Book Illustrations

Here are some things to think about when illustrating a children’s book.  Consider the whole page and how you want it to look.  There are many ways to design a page but for aesthetic reasons, we want to catch the young readers eyes so the story stands out.  For these young readers, the illustrations make the story easier to understand and digest.

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