What It Takes To Make It Writing Children’s Books

Making It As Children’s Book Writer

There are four traits that all successful writers posses and you need to learn the basics that will teach you what it takes to make it writing children’s books.  Once you understand and implement these traits in your writing you will be successful.

4 Traits Of Successful Children’s Writers

  1. They’re humble
  2. They work for resume
  3. They love children’s books
  4. They play the field

There’s a huge difference in wanting to see your name on a book and wanting to be a working writer.  Anyone who has a few spare bucks lying around can self-publish their manuscript but as we’ve seen, it takes much more than that to succeed.

Let’s go over each trait and see what it takes to make it as a children’s writer.

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How To Think Like A Kid When Writing Children’s Books


How To Think Like A Kid When You Write

One of the toughest things a writer faces is learning how to think like a kid when they write.  Getting inside the head of a child to understand what makes that child tick is key to writing children’s books kids will ultimately love to read.  We can’t rely on pour own childhood as times have changed since then as have children.  They are much more sophisticated than we are and technology has made it even tougher to concoct stories that thrill the imagination of a child.  Our own memories reflect a different time and a different way of life.

The standard advice is to watch and interact with children in a way that allows you to see firsthand how their world operates and is a window into their interpersonal relationships.  When you are around children, it opens up a whole new way of thinking and can lead to story ideas you never even thought about.  But remember, they are aware of you when you are around and they will act differently because of it.  To get around that, you must observe them from a distance without them knowing but even this is far from foolproof.

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How To Get Started Writing Picture Books

Writing A Picture Book

Want to learn how to get started writing picture books for children? Many beginning children’s writers think that writing picture books is easy but writing these types of books requires a tremendous amount of skill to boil a great story down into a few words.  As a writer, picture books are the starting point for the youngest of readers.  They are your first audience.  If you can write for them, you can write for anyone.

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Teaching Children How To Write A Creative Writing Story

Teaching Children How To Write Great Stories

When teaching children how to write, help them to focus on the the setting, the characters, the action and the conflict. Writing a creative writing story should bring out a child’s imagination.  Now, all writing when it comes to children’s stories should be creative so the approach to teaching children how to write should center on the elements of a good story.

The four elements of a good story are:

  • Setting
  • Character
  • Action
  • Conflict

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How To Think Like a Writer Not an Author

Thinking Like A Writer

To be successful in writing books for children you have to know how to think like a writer not an author.  You see, the major difference between successful writers and those that give up is all between the ears.  Your mindset plays a huge role in becoming a writer who writes for a living and an author who is trying to become a writer.

Your mindset plays a big role in not only how you write but what you write.  Successful writers think differently and it shows in their work.  Change your own mindset and follow in the footsteps of successful writers.

Let’s analyze the key difference between a writer and an author.

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Teaching Children How to Write a Book

Teaching Children How To Write

Teaching children how to write a book can trigger their creativity and offer an outlet other than visual art for them to express themselves and their world.  When children want to write a book, they need help in figuring out what they want to write about.  What you are offering is guidance.  Guide them as to what subjects they should write about  and a chance to show them the proper way to get their story from their head onto paper.

To help them write that story in their head and hearts, they need to illustrate the story in a way that helps them see the bigger picture of the story.  Show them how to look beyond just the first chapter or the first few scenes.  Teach them why every scene matters and how they all interconnect until the end when the ending pulls the whole story together.

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3 Things All Children’s Writers Must Know

Things A Children’s Writer Should Know

There are 3 things all children’s writers should know and I am here to explain to you what they are.  It used to be that all writers had to worry about four things to get published. They are:

  1. Write a great manuscript
  2. Research publishers
  3. Assemble and submission guidelines
  4. Send it off and wait.

But things have now changed with the advent of self publishing.  We have entered into a new era of publishing our children’s books.  It is one that offers writers a new outlet to release their work.  Self publishing has blown the lid off of publishing your books and now places like Amazon.com. Apple and Barnes & Noble can help you distribute your book even if you do not have a publisher.  You can now write your manuscript, distribute sell and promote it yourself.

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