Creating A Storyboard For Children’s Picture Books


How To Create A Storyboard For Children’s Picture Books

You may think it’s the illustrator’s job but in order to write our story it must be visual and so this is how to create a storyboard for children’s picture books.

Best selling children’s book author Jo Linsdell breaks down how to storyboard, why you, the author should do it first and how to set up a storyboard so that you can get the story you want to write down on paper.

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Write A Children’s Story With Your Kids

Write A Story With Your Kids

How’s this for a new family project? Ever thought about writing a children’s story with your kids?  This would be a great way to bond with them and teach them the beauty of the written word.  This can help younger reader to engage in literacy projects that help their reading and writing skills.  For older children, this is a great way to work on their communication skills.

Why Write A Children’s Story?

This is the easiest type of story for children to write as they are closest in age to their own experience.  Their imaginations haven’t yet grasps the types of stories that are filled with complicated story lines and many characters.  The simpler the better at the beginning but then they can add to the action in the story as they understand where the story is leading them.

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