The How To Process Of Writing A Children’s Story


 The Writing Process

What is the process of writing a children’s book?  Before beginning any story there are things you need to do put together a winning children’s story.  First, we start with the big idea.  The big idea starts with us asking questions about our story.

Here are  the 5 main questions.

  1. Who is the story about?
  2. What happens in the story?
  3. Where does the story take place?
  4. When did the story take place?
  5. How did the main deal with the conflict in the story?

Armed with these 5 questions, you can now start mapping out your ideas.  When you put the pieces together in a special way you will have a story that has impact and tells a memorable story.  Taking these ideas and mapping them out is called brainstorming and this is where we come up with many, many ideas and then choose the one that answers the 5 questions the best.

You want to write down all these ideas so that it gives us options to choose from for our story.  We want to have the best children’s book ever so our story must be a memorable one.

Next, we start the actual writing which we will call our first or rough draft.  This writing will be done in a different manor than what you are to to writing.  I call this distraction-free speed writing because you will be writing without stopping to reread what you wrote, correct grammar mistakes or to think.  I know it sounds weird but this type of writing concentrates all your energies on the story.  You write till you are finished.  Then come back to it the next day so that it is still fresh in your mind but you’ve still had time to think about it.  We want to keep the ideas flowing as well as your ability to become part of the story as you write.  This is very important.

Once you have finished your rough draft and taken some time to back away from the story, we then go back and reread what we have written and pick out the good parts and the bad parts as well as the best ideas and we rewrite our story based on the new ideas.

We want to find out if our story is readable, if we have our ideas in order and writing the children’s story we want to tell.  This is how we do it.



A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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