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Writing Your Children’s Picture Book

Here are some great hints that will help you learn how to write a children’s picture book.  There are seven things you need to concentrate on that will help to write a picture book that kids will want to read.

They are:

  1. Research – Find out what children like to read.  research other books in your genre and see what others are buying. Learn how to setup a beginning, middle and ending for your story so that it flows and is structured the proper way.  A children’s picture book is usually 32 pages long so you have to follow the rules.
  2. Practice – You have to constantly write and develop your craft.  This means write everyday and develop stories that will enthrall children.  It means taking ideas and fleshing out the characters, the settings and the conflict.
  3. Imagination – This is very important to how your story takes off.  If you can think like a child and see your story from a child’s point of view you can take an innocent story and craft it into a blockbuster.  Really bring out the enthusiasm of the child.  How do you do this?  Work with your words.  Use less but make it descriptive enough to work magic with the pictures.  The story should work together with the pictures to convey both an oral and visual story that delights the senses of the child.
  4. Literary Devices – Develop your setting that is both familiar to your reader but at the same time exotic enough to grab their attention.  Make each page invite your young reader to look forward to the next page in the book.  next develop characters that are interesting and believable even if they are not human.  Children will believe what you write if your story is strong enough.  Use alliteration, rhyme and fun words to keep your reader engaged.  This will help them remember what you wrote.  Finally, make your ending a positive one that keeps the reader smiling.  Bad endings make children unhappy and will not want to read any more of your stories.
  5. Illustrator – Find an illustrator who shares your sense of the story by looking at their other works and seeing if what they drew is what you would have done for the story.  Remember, minds that think alike can work well when it comes to children’s picture books.
  6. Friends – Use friends to help you when you read the story aloud.  Let them hear how it sounds so they can tell if the story is strong or not.  Then, let them read and you listen to the story so you both can come to a positive conclusion about the story and how it reads and sounds.
  7. Kids –  They are the ultimate people to bounce your stories off of.  Most children are incredibly honest and if you pass their test then you have a rocking book that kids will love.

As soon as you are able to master these seven hints you will have learned how to write a  picture book.



A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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