The Monster Ate My Homework, Really!!! – How A Monster Cured My Homework Blues Sample

Another School Year Begins!


Andrew Dodd is eight years old and hates to do homework!  He absolutely can’t stand to do his homework at all.  But, it’s a new school year and he has to start thinking of new excuses because his mom and dad are starting to get suspicious of his antics.  They’re pretty smart and know when he’s faking it and when he is really telling the truth.

The first day of school came and Andrew and his classmates were shocked to discover that their new teacher, Mrs. Garson, gave the class a homework assignment.

“How can she do that to us?”Andrew asked his buddies Ryan and Christopher. “Doesn’t she know it’s the first day of school?”

“You might as well get a head start on the rest of the year,” she said.  “Tonight, I want you to study chapters one and two in your math book, chapter one in your spelling book and the first three chapters in your history book.”

You could hear the groans from the hallway as the annoyed class skipped out of the room upon hearing the bell ring.

“Can you believe it?” Ryan said.  “This just isn’t fair!”

“Just look at the words I have to spell,” remarked Christopher.  Why in the world does anyone have to learn how to spell qualtagh?  I can’t even spell it let alone say it!”

“Looks like I’m gonna fail my math test tomorrow for sure!” exclaimed Andrew.  “I might as well not even do my homework.”

“Oh, come on,” Ryan replied.  “If I can tell the teacher what the Alamo was you can handle multiplication tables.”

“I doubt it” Andrew countered.  “It looks like it’s going to be a long year for sure!”

“What are you going to do?  NOT do your homework and fail anyway?” joked Ryan.

This had Andrew thinking of ways he could avoid the messy situation known as homework.

“What if I wing it?  What if I don’t do my homework and only SAY I did it?  I’m just gonna fail the test anyway!” Andrew said in a defeatist attitude.

After saying goodbye to his friends for the day, Andrew went inside his house, happy to be far away from school and homework.  But as soon as he entered his mom said, “Andrew, do your homework and get it out of the way before dinner.”

“Oh, come on mom,,” he said, “I just got home!”

“Alright, but if your father finds out don’t say I didn’t warn you,” she said sternly.

“Don’t worry.  It’ll be done by then,” Andrew promised.

But Andrew didn’t do that.  Instead, he spent all afternoon playing with his Xbox and watching cartoons on TV.  When he got bored with that he started texting his friends on his iPhone and forgot all about his homework.

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