The Thief – A Great New Book You Should Be Reading

The Thief cover 2A great new book came out today and I was the first one to pick it up.  It is by my good friend T. H. Alanna and it is called “The Thief”.  It is a very well written and intriguing story that asked a lot of important questions.  It’s based on a Vietnamese saying that the thief and an old lady are well matched.

The story elicited a strong emotion in me as I read it.  I could hear myself yelling at the characters to see beneath their own selfishness and see what was unfolding but it wasn’t until I got to the end that I truly got what the author was saying.  In fact, I had to hold back a few tears until I put the book down because the story was so moving.

It begins with a ten year old boy who breaks into what he thinks is a deserted house to steal food because he is hungry only to find an old blind woman living there.  he tries to outsmart her but she is too wise for him but slowly they warm up to each other until the incredible ending.  i won’t give it away but you will be very moved by what happens.

The author is an accomplished writer having been a screenwriter for a very long time with many movies to her credit.  She has decided to break into the children’s market and if this book is any indication, she is someone you are going to be hearing about quite a lot over the next several months.

From what she has told me, she has many stories to tell and the stories run very deep.  there is an underlying theme that brings out strong emotion in her writing.  Her stories are well told and she cares about her audience.

having worked in film for a very long time, she has honed her writing skills to a fine point that allows her to tell a convincing story that I know you will love.

You can get her book here.

The Thief


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