Third Book In The “My Best Friend Is” Series Almost Finished

robot - smallHello and welcome back to  We are putting the finishing touches on the next book in the “My Best Friend Is” series of books.  This one is called “My Best Friend Is A Robot, Really” and I think you are going to really love this one.  I’ve included elements that all kids love… chase scenes, robot battles and epic finales.

Our hero, Billy Meyers is an 8 year old boy who loves building robots.  He spends all his waking hours with the robot that he built in his own lab which he affectionately calls Zocar. Because Billy doesn’t have any friends, he built Zocar to be his own friend.

Problems develop when Billy’s dad brings home his co-worker from Brook Tech Inc., which does work for the Defense Department of the United States Military, a certain Professor Marcus Makeran, who just happens to be one of the most admired and famous bio-physicists in the world today.  After witnessing Billy’s ultra high-tech robot, the jealous Professor decides to steal the robot’s plans and build himself the world’s most advanced militaristic robot which would earn him the Nobel prize for biology.

In order to steal the plans, Professor Marcus must enlist the aid of his niece, a classmate of Billy’s to lure Billy into a trap.  Once he has Billy, the professor can now steal the plans and show that he is the world’s most brilliant man.  But there are problems along the way.  Mayhem ensues and it is up to Billy and his Zocar, his faithful robot to save the day.

These are the types of stories I grew up reading and I want to impart these same feelings I had to the next generation of readers.  Kids love to read stories that allow them to become part of the story and this story does just that.  I have talked to many teachers and school principals and have a good understanding what types of stories are lacking for our young readers.

If you want good, wholesome reading for your children and want to know that the books they read inspire them well… you’ve come to the right place.  It is my plan to help kids become not only good readers but engaged readers.  My stories are written to inspire as well as please young readers and take them on a journey that will help them in school, life and in dealing with others.

I certainly hope they will inspire your children.

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A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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