What It Takes To Make It Writing Children’s Books

Making It As Children’s Book Writer

There are four traits that all successful writers posses and you need to learn the basics that will teach you what it takes to make it writing children’s books.  Once you understand and implement these traits in your writing you will be successful.

4 Traits Of Successful Children’s Writers

  1. They’re humble
  2. They work for resume
  3. They love children’s books
  4. They play the field

There’s a huge difference in wanting to see your name on a book and wanting to be a working writer.  Anyone who has a few spare bucks lying around can self-publish their manuscript but as we’ve seen, it takes much more than that to succeed.

Let’s go over each trait and see what it takes to make it as a children’s writer.

Humility – A successful writer has all the confidence in the world but he doesn’t go around thinking he will be the next great writer.  They know it’s a lifelong learning process to become a great writer and they do what  needs to be done to become better. They’re not afraid to be critiqued because they know it will make them better writers and are grateful for the advice..  They learn from their mistakes and take the constructive criticism and use it to make their stories better.  They keep their egos intact because they know that’s not how to make it as a children’s writer.

They Work For Resume – Beginning writers know it’s hard to get your foot inside the door and become a working writer right out of the door that is why they will take jobs for their resume because it helps them build up a better resume and they learn from the experience.  They submit to both big and small publishers because every bit of writing is a way to bigger and better writing jobs.   These types pf writers write because they love it and they don’t overlook any market.

They Love Children’s Books – Writers who write children’s books live, eat, and breathe children’s book writing.  They write whenever they have a spare moment and they read as many children’s books so they can to perfect their craft.  They know that one book is not enough and are always coming up with new ideas and are working on new projects.  Children’s books are their life and they spend many weekends going to conferences to gain more incite and knowledge about the children’s market.

They Play The Field – They don’t limit the field.  Instead, they write novels, short stories, poetry as well as different genres and are always creating stories from their inspirations.  If one publisher doesn’t like it they know they can go to another with a different story idea.  They don’t dabble.  They embrace their careers and do what they have to to get published because it’s what they want more than anything else.

To make it as a children’s writer you have to be dedicated to your craft and if you possess these four traits you will be ahead of the game and on your way to becoming a great writer.


A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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