Why Do I Write Children’s Books?

Why Be A Children’s Adventure Book Author?

books_clip_art_18352It’s been said, “Go where the money is” but is money the sole purpose that inspires an author to write?  Hopefully not if you write for children.  I have a burning desire to write and entertain children and that will never change.  i have written all my life whether it has been songs, poetry, stories, information products… you name it I have pretty much tried it but nothing has given me the satisfaction I get than having a child come up to me and tell me my book changed his life or he really liked my story and wants to try and write his own stories or even just a thanks for a great book.

I love to see kids reading.  There’s nothing better than getting yourself lost in a great book and transporting yourself and your thoughts to a magical place that the writer has written just for you to embrace.  I try to write stories that takes children out of their reality and transport them to a place where they enjoy being the hero of the story.  Even if it’s just for a few minutes, it can be a life-changer!

In this day and age where a good percentage of children are reading well below their grade level, we as authors have to write books that kids not only want to read but are inspired to read.  Those who read because they HAVE to don’t do as well as those who read because they want to.  It is not our teacher’s that are failing our students but society in general.  When pushing iPods, iPhones, computers, video games and the like on kids who are not old enough to handle them put those children in a precarious position.  Reading should be at the top of their list in things to do beside homework but we allow our children to do things that don’t promote learning.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and You tube are all fine and dandy but do they teach our children to read.  Do they help them comprehend what is happening in the stories they read?  I don’t think so.  This is one of the main reasons I want to write children’s adventure books.  I believe kids want these types of stories and will read them if given a chance.

I read so many types of books to keep us with what is happening in the world.  From historical books to newspapers and magazines to children’s books and young adult fiction.  I need to know what is out there so I can make an informed decision as to what my own children are reading.

So, what is the alternative to what is being pushed down our kids throat?  I want to be that alternative even if the Department of Education doesn’t.  I can do more for a young reader than the bozos sitting on their fannies in Washington, D. C..  It’s parents like us who care about our children’s lives and are in the trenches that these kids need, not some overpaid radical who deals in theories that don’t work.

My wife is a kindergarten teacher and sees first hand what is going on with students nowadays.  Teaching is not like it was when I was growing up.  We were taught discipline and shown the proper way to do things.  Parents seem to be on the wrong side of the fight right now and are not being heard.  Teachers are being forced to spend too much time getting their students ready for testing instead of teaching and it is taking a toll on our children.  They are getting left behind the rest of the world and if I have a say in anything, I will do my best to be someone these kids can look up to and say, he writes good stories or I like to read his books.

That is why I write children’s adventure books… because I CARE about kids!



A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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